16 Exclusive secret sister gift ideas that expose special bonding

Have you a secret sister? Having a secret sister, You need to choose suitable gifts for special occasions. But you have no secret sister gift ideas. No tension, we listed some perfect gift ideas at affordable prices for sisters like necklace, graclet, makeup bag, bath kit, wallet, nail polish, earring, makeup brush, lipstick, parfum etc. 

A sister makes your life easy, without her you can’t imagine your life. You can share all secrets, problems, demand gifts and always have fun with her. We consider little or big sister personalized gifts. For your sister’s birthday or special occasion, you can pick a gift depending on your sister’s choice.

Top 16 secret sister gift ideas

  1. Gift card
  2. Travel  Makeup Bag
  3. Bath and Body Gift Set
  4. Forever Bracelet
  5. Women Wallet 
  6. Nail Polish Set
  7. Scrunchies Hair Ties pack
  8.  Morse Code Gold Fill Bracelet 
  9. Rose Flower Petals
  10. Dear Ava Sisters Necklace
  11. Murano Glass Earrings
  12. Makeup Brush Set 
  13. Kailijumei Lipstick Set
  14. Parfum Spray 
  15. Bath Bombs
  16. Wood Bookmark
secret sister gift ideas

What are the best secret sister gift ideas?

Best sister gift ideas that express love, care, good relationships, and also have some personalized gifts.

  • Necklace
  • Bracelet
  • Women Wallet
  • Bath kits
  • Lipstick set
  • Makeup Brush set
  • Nail Polish
  • Parfum
  • Bookmark
  • Gift card
  • and more.

What should I get for my secret sister?

Blessing system your secret sister

  • Gift card
  • Handwritten Card
  • Chocolate
  • Send memorable picture
  • Give a jewelry
  • Gift some beauty product
  • Present a wonderful bookmart set

Here are worthy secret sister gift ideas that reveal love, care and bonding

1. Gift Card

Cute gift card sending express love with some words!You can wish with a handwritten card that reveals special feelings for your sister. Receiving this greeting card your sister will feel very cheerful and celebrate her birthday with more joy.

Beautiful Hallmark card design, cover featuring is so pretty with watercolor flower design. Perfect gift card design for sister, brother or friends. Suitable size that comes with an amazing envelope. Very hard touching card and printing quality is very high.

Weight0.81 ounces
Size5 x 7.19 x 0.13 inches
BenefitsThoughtful card design. High quality print. Design focused on emotion, care & sensitivity. Beautiful wrapping system.

2. Travel  Makeup Bag

Makeup bags have become an essential product for women. This bag makeup item, cosmetics, jewelry keep a more organized way. The Travel Makeup Bag is perfect for carrying personal care items, household, travel items, lens, other objects both home and travel. 

This Makeup bag is waterproof, made with durable high quality materials like oxford cloth, dirt resistant etc. Foldable travel bag is lightweight, portable, easy to clean etc.It has pockets, elastic holders that help perfectly for travel and everyday use.  

Why is a travel makeup bag a great gift for a sister?

BrandCounting Mars
Weight11.2 ounces
Materialsoxford cloth
BenefitsSuitable organizer for travel & home.  Waterproof, made with high quality durable material. Easy to clean, fast dry. Portable & lightweight.

3. Bath and Body Gift Set

Bath kit Everyday essential product  for Women. Beautiful fragrances are really nice, these products have a lot of variation in each item. Overall luxury package and worthy gift for sister, mother or wife. 

6 products included in this set are shower gel, body lotion, bubble bath, face & hand cream, soap bar. All products help easily pamper yourself at home. Spa kit made with top rated natural ingredients that contains vitamin E, sunflower seed oil, essential oil etc.  Lavender essential oils smell which naturally relax your body and mind. Product focused on your skin moisturizing and softening. Rich variety vitamins make skin glow, improve skin surface texture & evenness, moisturize, soft dry skin etc. 

Amazing benefits included why to choose Bath and Body Set as a sister’s gift:

Number of items6 items
Weight2.2 pounds
BenefitsUse top rated natural ingredients. Improve skin glow, long lasting moisturizing, soft etc. Relax body, mind. Worthy gift for sister, mom, wife or all special women.

4. Forever Bracelet

Personalized  excellent secret gift for my sister! A unique way to express how much you love her, your emation, care with this beautiful design bangla bracelet. Lovely secret sister gift for birthday, christmas, thanksgiving day or other special occasion.

Bracelet is made with stainless steel with zinc alloy that is more durable and lasts a long life. Fashionable jewelry is a worthy choice for women. No harmful materials used in this Bangle bracelet.  Offers 100% money back or exchange Guarantee. 

Materialsstainless steel
Dimensions 4 x 3.2 x 0.7 inches
Weight1.59 Ounces
BenefitsFashionable Bracelet for women. No harmful materials used for making. Unique design. Personalized present for big or little sisters. More durable & long lasting.

5. Bowknot Wallet

Trending long style lady wallets for women! Beautiful design, lightweight & large capacity that create girls  life more simple, easy and happier. So, you can consider this as a secret sister gift.

This wallet holds maximum all items that women’s need daily like cell phone, cash, all types card, keys, photo and more. It has a hand strap that makes it easier to carry. Cute bowknot design is large size with more strong  and durable workmanship.

Why choose a Bowknot Wallet as a special occasion sister gift?

Weight8.2 ounces
Dimensions7.7 x 4.2 x 1.9 inches
BenefitsLarge capacity. More pockets carry womens all daily essential products. Simply hold in hand. Beautiful & simple design.

6. B.C. Fabulous Nail Polish Set

Nail Polish is an essential beauty product for girls or women. They want to wear unique or exclusive nail polish colors on everyday or special occasions. Overall, great gift ideas for your sister.

 Beauty Concepts Fabulous Nails set has 10 unique color shades. Included different colors from light to dark, purple, pink, red, shimmery, metallic etc. It has somedirection brush long, near the cuticle, smooth strokes etc. Also, It’s easy to apply, quick dry.

You can consider B.C. Fabulous Nail Polish Set as a secret sisters gift following features:

BrandB.c. Beauty Concepts
Weight6.4 ounces
ColorOrange Floral Box, Metallic Bronze and Silver, Pastels, Berry Colors. 
BenefitsMore unique colors. Lovely gift idea for sister, friend, mom, or co-worker. Easy to apply. Dry quickly.

7. Scrunchies Hair Ties pack

Colorful and lovely gift ideas for girls or women suitable for all ages! You know that Scrunchies Hair Ties are a necessary product in everyday life. Always, they ties their hair with scrunchies. So, It’s a wonderful gift  for your little sister.

This pack has  4 different style hair Scrunchies and totally 70 pcs colorful scrunchies. Size is perfect for all hairs. different colors red, green, yellow, pink, purple, deep navy etc that fit with any types of clothing. And It comes with a cute gift bag.

Why do Scrunchies Hair Ties pack the ideal gift for the sister?

Number of items4 various style with 70 pcs
Weight13.4 ounces
BenefitsMore items with multiple colors. Perfect size for hair. Super cute, good quality. Best deal for little girls.

8.  Morse Code Gold Fill Bracelet 

Fashionable & personalized Gold fill Bracelets for girls!Morse Code bracelets are so gorgeous and lovely. Everyone likes this bracelet so much because it’s well made, attractive, design, exciting price etc.

Bracelet design with small dots and lines. Made with sterling silver chain or 14k gold. It’s more durable, long lasting. If you want to letter or word add with Bracelet, you can add these. Receive with a beautiful jewelry box.

Why is Morse Code Gold Fill Bracelet the right gift choice for a secret sister?

MaterialSterling Silver
Chain styleCable
BenefitsMore durable. Easily customized it. Beautiful design. Comes with a loveable jewelry box. 

9. Soap Rose Flower Petals

Impressive and attractive gift idea for women! Soap roses expose true love or a more enjoyable environment to the bath. You can’t imagine the situation, how much she will be surprised and happy,  when your sister will receive this gift.

18 Pcs rose soap included in this package. Plant essential oil rose soaps balance women’s body, mind, emotion, mental & physical health etc. Use rich bactericidal ingredients that effectively clean the body. Using rose soap never fades away.Rose flowers soap perfect special day gift idea for secret sister, mom, wife, girlfriend or other girls.

Why pick Soap Rose Flower Petals as a secret sister gift ?

Package Weight6.9 oz.
Main MaterialNaturally-fragranced soap.
Number of items18 pcs with a beautiful box.
BenefitsBest gift for women. Symbol of love. Use natural ingredients. Effectively clean body. Balance mind, body, mental & physical health.

10. Dear Ava Sisters Necklace

Special necklaces are made only for my sister’s gift! Gift package is ready with a soft velvet box, thoughtful written message, blank note card and matching envelopes enclosed for persona; touch. This gift brings a special moment that memories last for a long time.

Necklace hase multiple styles or messages, you can choose any one. Use lobster claws perfectly fitting all women. Fantastic unique design or symbol that expresses true relationships. Building with nickel free, lead free and hypoallergenic original necklace.

Why is a special Dear Ava Sister Necklace a perfect gift to the secret sister?

BrandDear Ava
Dimensions 6.6 x 5.4 x 1.8 inches
Weight1.59 ounces
BenefitsThoughtful design, Nickel free, hypoallergenic, cute jewelry box, Write the right message that suits any occasion. Express precious relationships. Perfect chain length.

11. Murano Glass Earrings

Excellent handicraft art earring for young girls! Beautiful decoration, shaped with murano glass that has all possible colors and patterns.

This earring is created with sterling silver, add copper for stabilization. Beautiful earrings contain really nickel or lead free, safe for all skin. Casual to fancy that fit to any dress and 1.69 inches murano glass dangle earring long. Buy this earring as a gift for your sister, daughter, or special friend. Without no doubt you can consider this earring for women.

Included main reasons Why choose Murano Glass Earrings as a sister gift?

Weight0.63 Ounces
Dimensions 3.5 x 2.8 x 0.59 inches
BenefitsSuitable for any outfit. Safe for any skin. Amazing art. Multiple style & design. Perfect sister’s gift for any occasion. Strong making process.

12. Makeup Brush Set 

Makeup Brush Set is an ideal gift for females. Most popular essential regular use products for women.

Professional BS-MALL Makeup Brush Set has 18 pcs brushes for foundation, eye shadow, concealer, blush, highlighter, crease shadow and eyebrows. Overall, using for blending & shading items.Well made soft brush, fit for sensitive skin, make sure for long time use. Fashionable superior quality that uses beginner to professional makeup.

Why is a Makeup Brush Set the right gift idea for a sister?

Number of items18 pcs
Weight 9.6 ounces
BenefitsCompatible for all types of makeup. Cover all blending, shading products, Soft, long time use, best for sensitive skin. Affordable price. Superior quality.

13. Kailijumei Lipstick Set

Gorgeous Kailijumei Lipstick Set that is entirely safe for the lips. Also, it has various benefits: lip care, moist lips, healthy, prevent chapped lips, color is’t easy to fade.

Package contains 3 pcs of genuine kailijumei lipsticks. This set refers to flower jelly color that adjusts PH , temperature, and lovely unique color. Don’t use harmful ingredients. Clear color that changes with temperature.

Check all features of Kailijumei Lipstick Set that make worthy gift ideas for  secret sister:

Color Barbie Doll Powder, Flame Red, Dream Purple
Shelf life 3 years
BenefitsMoisturize lips, Really safe for lips. Use no harmful ingredients.  Adjust PH level. Color changes with temperature. Work as a bright magic lip gloss.

14. Givenchy  Parfum Spray 

Fancy & conventional gift ideas for my sister! Casual use for good smell.

Givenchy Parfum Spray is made from 2005 that gives fresh fragrance, very Irrésistible and impossible to ignore with magical ingredients. Prompts deep smell, suitable only for women etc.

Included Givenchy  Parfum Spray amazing features:

Weight12.8 ounces
Dimensions12 x 10 x 8 inches 
IngredientsPatchouli Fruity, Vanilla Star Anise, Rose Accord
BenefitsCasual use for women, Good fragrance. Maintain alcohol level. No harmful ingredients are used.

15. Ribivaul Bath Bombs

Handmade bath bombs spiffy gift ideas for sister. It helps skin soft, moisturize, and fully relax, enhancing mental health. Due to the developments, experts from the online pharmacy Alprazolam found that there is limited information on Xanax overdose. As in all cases of drug overdose, breathing, heart rate and blood pressure should be monitored.

Ribivaul bath bombs contain 12 pcs that are made with natural, organic ingredients.Use 12 essentials each give different smells. No allergies, paraben free, vegan available etc suitable for all skin. Variety colors bubble effect in warm water bath

Wonderful features included why Ribivaul Bath Bombs select as a secret sister gift?

Weight2.4 pounds 
Number of item 12 pcs
BenefitsSoft & moisturize skin, Relaxing body, nourishing home spa, all ingredients are natural, organic and handmade. Increase screen glow. No Allergies.

16. Melyaxu  Wood Bookmark

Bookmark is an excellent gift idea for someone who loves to read books? Lightweight, stylish bookmark suitable for studying, reading and hobby to collect.

Melyaxu includes 2 different style bookmarks. Made with natural wood, good polish, great artwork etc. 100% handcrafted, unique design, superior quality & use valuable wood. Keep it in cool place, preserve with olive oil

Why Melyaxu  Wood Bookmark will make a better gift for your sister?

MaterialsNatural wood
Weight3.52 ounces
Dimensions6.69 x 0.98 x 4.33 inches
Benefits100% handcrafted, Good polished by hand. Beautiful artwork, Elegant design, Stylish, light weight. Perfect for studying or reading.


When choosing secret sister gift ideas, the Gift list is long. Therefore, we listed some sister gift ideas that are perfect, affordable, and express your good bonding or relationship. You can pick one or more gifts from the above list depending on your sister’s taste. All gifts are high quality, gift able. So, without doubt you can choose a secret sister gift from the list.

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