15 Amazing Pokemon Gifts for kids in 2021

Are you looking for the best Pokemon Gifts for kids? Don’t worry, in this article present many unique Pokemon gift ideas, we sure that you can choose perfect one’s from these. In the market, have many Pokemon gifts but the best gifts are Pokemon toys, Pokemonbattle figures, Snorlax cards, mega Pokemon,Pokemon plush, Pokemon adjustable ball and belt, Pikachu Coin bank and Pokemon Kids’ Watch, etc that are extremely perfect for kids and your loved ones.

Most of the Pokémon games involve the adventurous living in the wild. Children are encouraged to adventure, train, learn to achieve their goals, and Pokémon Champion. Pokémon develop imagination skill, good social skill, math skill, and get out & want to explore the great outdoors.

Top 15 Pokemon Gifts for kids

  1.  Pokémon Detective Battle Figure
  2. Pokémon Kids’ Watch
  3. Itazura New Pikachu Coin Bank
  4. Throw N’ Pop Pikachu and Poké Ball Toy
  5. Snorlax GX Box Card Game
  6. Pokemon Wall Decals
  7. Detective Pikachu Greninja-Gx File
  8. Pokémon Electronic & Interactive My Partner Pikachu
  9. Pokémon Clip and Carry Poké Ball Adjustable Belt
  10. TOMY Pokémon Hero Figure, Ash and Pikachu
  11. Mega Construx Pokemon Charizard
  12. Pokémon Pikachu 8 INCH Plush 
  13. 3D Pikachu Toys Night Light
  14. Pokemon 100 Card Lot
  15. Pokemon Kids Sunglasses
pokemon gift for kids

What is the strongest Pokemon 2020?

According to me, including the strongest Pokemon in 2020.

  3. ARCEUS 
  4. DITTO 
  10. ZACIAN

Is there a limit on gifts in Pokemon go?

When first rolled out in Pokemon Go, you get gifts. Players get only the maximum five gifts in their inventory. when Niantic has increased and the gift limit increased the limit of gift to 10. Many gifts can be bought in one day but currently, the maximum gift limit is 20. 

What are the max friends in Pokemon Go?

Maximum 200 friends added to your friend list. When you reach the limit, you will need to remove one friend before and can add new friends.

What is the highest level of Pokemon Go?

Maximum Pokemon Go level is 40 you can get but you might change this level. According to datamine, the game’s code found reference to levels 41 through 50. Trainers want to increase the Pokemon Go max level and manage the top level.

Who is the rarest Pokemon?

Listed all the rarest Pokemon. At present, these Pokemon are rare in the game.

  • Kangaskhan
  • Mew
  • Mewtwo
  • Alakazam
  • Dragonite
  • Lapras
  • Articuno
  • Chansey
  • Snorlax
  • Zapods
  • Gyarados
  • Moltres
  • Porygon

Top 15 fantastic Pokemon gift ideas for real Pokemon fan kids consider:

1. Pokemon Detective Battle Figure

Pokemon battle figure is always a popular playing figure for kids that provide more entertainment and enjoyment playing. This battle set included 6 figures of best pokemon loved characters that sure kids are more favorite characters. with 2 inch Pikachu, 2-inch Psyduck, 2 inch Bulbasaur, 3-inch Mewtwo, and 3 inch Ludicolo these are tall toys perfect gifts for children.  Each detective Pikachu figures are exactly like movie figures. These pokemon detective figures are so cool toys. This Pokémon Detective Pikachu Battle Figure increases child imagination and develops their courage. Excellent making toys are the perfect birthday gifts for pokemon fan kids.

Age level3 years and up
Weight9.9 ounces
Other BenefitsDurable and accurate movie figures,Highly detailed in each figure, Ludicolo creates dynamic poses, Figures more adventurous, Develops kids imagination level.

2. Pokemon Kids Watch

Kids love to wear digital watches that check the time, date, and flashing cool led light. Also, Pokémon Kids’ Watch dial includes popular Pickachu and Ash Ketchum characters that are super fun to watch, and kids love to wear this watch. Press on the side button for only display and symmetry, pressing the other side three buttons for multiple lights flashing like red, green blue on Ash and Pikachu. Lowset button for scrolling and change date, time and month, etc. This watch is suitable for little kids. Great gift for Pokemon loving Children.

Age Level4-8 years
Watch TypeDigital
BenefitsComfortable for kids wear, Adjustable strap, Watch safe for children, Non-toxic, non-hazardous, easy to change the date, time and month, and watch box comes with a ready battery.

3. Itazura New Pikachu Coin Bank

Lovely pokemon gift ideas for kids that design are so cute and colorful Pikachu Coin bank and adorable bank. Pickachu fans enjoy using this electronic money bank. This is the best way to learn how to save money and children enough to save money. And they save coins, put them in the box and this character is loved by the world. This saving money hobby creates strong interpersonal social development skills. Quickly, the Pikachu coin bank became more popular for saving money. So, Pikachu coin bank is a great pokemon gift for children.

Age level15 years and up
Size6 x 6 x 3 inches
Benefits243 chatter patterns from the character, Bank represents Pokemon and Pikachu character, Cute size piggy bank, Kids influence to save money and personal bank, and Great price.

4. Throw ‘N’ Pop Pikachu and Poké Ball Toy

Throw ‘N’ Pop Pikachu and Poké Ball Toy perfect for turning skill practice when pokemon figure inside the poke ball and close it, pokemon get ready for battle. Pikachu is the most popular Pokemon and this is the longest-running Tv series. Pikachus have many playsets capturing capacity, capture Pikachu put inside the Pokeball and ready battle. Any hard surface toss the Poka Ball and popping ball impact lurching the Pikachu into action. These toys are perfect for group playing with children and mostly affect the Pokemon battle, this play is more entertaining. So, a perfect gift idea for the Pokemon fan, enjoy adventures, battle sets, and playing with other friends. 

Age level4 – 8 years
Weight4.9 ounces
BenefitsFun toys for kids, Kids imagination increase, Great toy for group playing, Kids feel like a Pokemon trainer.

5. Snorlax GX Box Card Game

A Snorlax GX Box Card is a lovely gift for a child with beautiful designs. A Snorlax card is more costly than others, but it brings excitement and enjoyment for the Pokemon fan. Snorlax is an interesting pokemon that has more gentle souls. Most of the time he spends the day eating and sleeping. Snorlax is powerful with sleeping, when he finally wakes up and even more dangerous Pokemon. For smaller children gentle spirits, Snorlax is perfect.  Snorlax GX Box Card Game includes four booster packs and 2 promo cards.  Also, these trading card codes are available online. Perfect holiday gift!

Age level3-9 years
Weight6.1 ounces
Included ComponentsCode Card, Foil Promo Card (2), Oversized Foil Card, Booster Pack (4), Trading Cards
Benefits:Beautiful hologram design, Four boosters include, Dual-purpose game, Comes with two never seen promo cards.

6. Pokemon Wall Decals

Kids always love stickers. Pokemon Pikachu Peel And Stick Wall Decals are amazing fan gifts that decorate room walls. Pokemon peel and stick 100% removal and free harmful chemicals. Easy to apply a smooth wall surface. No tools needed and hand secure. Kids decorate walls with Pokemon stickers and collect different types of stickers, they like to show stickers to their friends that they enjoy collecting stickers. RoomMates Pokemon Pikachu Peel And Stick Wall Decals are awesome special day gifts for kids.

Age level3-8 years
Dimensions18 x 5 x 0.01 inches
BenefitsGuaranteed RemovableRepositionable, Reusable, Quick to apply, Style booster, Printed high-quality vinyl and stick technology, Easy and Safe, No dame to walls, Budget-friendly. 

7. Detective Pikachu Greninja-Gx File

Detective Pikachu Greninja-Gx case File set must be a popular trading card for Pokemon fan kids. Children want to collect recently released cards.  This card making is based on the Pikachu movie, 26 new trading cards inspired to collect detective cards. Fortunately, there’s an amazing Pokemon detective in town.  This set included 1 foil oversize card featuring, 1 pin featuring,  5 Pokemon detective Pikachu 4-card booster packs,  2 additional Pokemon TCG booster packs. And amazing features that 1 code card for online Pokemon trading card and 1 foil promo card featuring. So, Detective Pikachu Greninja cards are a great gift for kids.

Age Level6 years and up
Weight3 ounces
BenefitsIncluded 2 promo codes, Pickachu 4-card booster pack, Card design like a movie character and it’s a great product for a child.

8. Pokemon Electronic & Interactive My Partner Pikachu

Cute communicative Pikachu! Play with Pikachu like never before!  This Pikachu  100 different combinations like arms over, checks, tail light up, 20 iconic Pikachu sound effects, and expressions that are more enjoyable for kids. Play with my partner 2 different modes of discovery and train for any Pokemon fan. This partner Pikachu incredible 100+ unique interaction to enjoy. Official Gotta Catch ‘Em All!! My partner Pikachu is suitable for all kids and quickly becomes a favorite toy. Pokémon Electronic & Interactive My Partner Pikachu ideal gift idea for Pokemon fan kids.

Age level4 years and up
Weight6.4 ounces
BenefitsPlay with 2 mods, Using touch sensor, 20 awesome sound effects, Move arms, cheeks, kids feel like a trainer and skill develop, Awesome light, 100+ unique interaction to enjoy for kids. 

9. Pokemon Clip and Carry Poké Ball Adjustable Belt

Pokemon belt is the perfect pokemon gift for pokemon fans for dress-up play. Wearing this belt kids fell just like Ash. Belt is a great toy for children to play this character from their favorite game and tv series and light level accuracy.  fabric belt design looks like the protagonist of the Pokemon cartoon. This belt isn’t designed for a throw, it’s easy for wear including one Pokemon ball, one never released before netball, 2-inch Pikachu figure. Pokemon ball increases your training skill, develops fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and increases curiosity. Pokémon Clip and Carry Poké Ball Adjustable Belt is the special birthday, Christmas, and holiday gift and enjoyed by kids.

Age Level 4 – 8 years
Weight11.2 ounces
BenefitsAdjustable belt, Included 2-inch Pokemon figure,  included two balls one standard Poke ball and one netball, Easy access and portability, Compatible with additional poke balls and can hold up to six at once. 

10. TOMY Pokémon Hero Figure, Ash and Pikachu

TOMY Pokémon Hero Figure Ash and Pikachu lovely toys that develop imagination power and feel adventure. Children like to play with this toy, kids seem to like Ash and train their favourite Pokemon. Sometimes, Children birthday cakes decorate and design with this toy. When kids play with this improve motor skill and learn how to achieve goals. Detailed 5 inch Ash figure and 13 points articulation for endless action. Ash is well dressed and accompanied by his trusty pal Pikachu. This journey is more enjoyable. Sure that any Pokemon fan kids extremely love this gift.

Age level4 – 8 years 
Weight3.92 ounces
BenefitsSuitable figure, Character designed very well, Decorate a cake topper perfectly with Ash, Incredibly detailed figure, Child development multiple ways, increase motor skill, problem-solving and creativity.

11. Mega Construx Pokemon Charizard

MEGA Construx Pokemon Charizard looks like a dragon. Includes almost 200-pieces that can create a 4.5 inch tall Charizard.  Fully articulated model that shows several poses from attacks and even in flight. Construx Pokemon Charizard toy includes a buildable environment scene that doubles display stand and the great features. Charizard’s rock build environment and train for the biggest battle. Use a transparent rod to turn the battleground and wings outstretched, ready for an attack. Bring this Pokemon for kids’ fantasies to life with delightful models. Mega Construx Pokemon Charizard is a great toy that is the perfect Pokemon gifts for kids.

Age Level8 – 12 years
Weight10.4 ounces
BenefitsStands 4.5 inch tall, fully assembled, includes a buildable environment stand,  full articulated arms, legs, head and tail for possibility, Transparent figure, Can be posed flight, Great ball accessory, Build one of the most iconic Pokemon toy and ready biggest battle, Ideal for ages 8 and up.

12. Pokemon Pikachu 8 INCH Plush

Super soft and cute Detective Pikachu Plush like kids and young! It’s a great detective plush. Kids carry this all around, with detective hats, glass eyes, and feel realistic adventurous Pokemon life. Kids not only cuddle with detective Pikachu plush but also they enjoy playing with Pikachu. Look winning based on the live-action film, Wonderful additional plush collection, detective desk, and movie watching couch. Perfect special day Pokemon gifts for kids.

Age Level2 years and up
Weight4.2 ounces
BenefitsSuper soft fabric exterior, Bring adventurous feel, Perfect addition Pokemon team, Well made, Good quality and cuddly, Impresses any kids.

13. 3D Pikachu Toys Night Light

Unique gift for Pokemon fans! This 3D light has 16 visual color options that adapted from the night light lamp and stays characteristic of Pikachu as an electric type Pokemon. The 3D light illusion effect makes the room more uniquely warm and helps to sleep better. Kids like these lights that are the perfect ornament for a room, bedroom, office etc. Electric light but it’s safe that light sources use high quality LED, lift soft, no drizzling, non-flicker, harmless, dimmable very safe lamp for kids. Don’t harm children’s eyes. Easy to operate and carry. 3D Pikachu Toys Night Light is the perfect Christmas and birthday Pokemon gift for kids.

Age Level5 years and up
Number of Lights16
BenefitsConvenient and safe, Adjust the brightness of the lamp, No risk of burns,  Adjust the luminous color of the lamp holder, 16 different colors, With touch control easily change color, Easy carry and convenient to use, 100% money back guarantee.

14. Pokemon 100 Card Lot

Great Pokemon card gift for Pokemon fans! 100% Authentic Pokemon card set that grows Pokemon fan card collections. Are you collecting the best Pokemon card in the world? This Pokemon Card Lot is extremely perfect for you. This set has 1 GX, EX or V Ultra Rare, 2 foils, 2 rares, 5 energy and 90 common or uncommon cards. Rare cards are always unique and no duplicate card. Each bundle fills with a variety value. The same card doesn’t find two packs. This card pack is perfect for enhancement collections new  or elite trainers. With this bundle able to cross competitor collections and grow a Pokemon master. Pokemon 100 Card Lot is a perfect gift for Pokemon fans and seeing this gift they become more excited and happy.

BrandGolden Groundhog
Age level6 years and up
Dimensions3.5 x 1.2 x 2.5 inches
BenefitsAll cards are unique, 100% original card set, Includes 1 GX, EX or V Ultra Rare, 2 Rares, 2 Foils, start new deck, perfect for any player, build hugh collection, tradem train and battle, Multiple generation and various sets, No duplication, deck box is ideal for traveling.

15. Pokemon Kids Sunglasses

Awsome stylish and safe gift for kids! sunglasses like to wear any kids that are wearing this they feel stylish.This sunglasses includes Pokemon logos that kids like more. People always think all sunglasses are harmful for kids’ eyes but these sunglasses are specially made for children and perfect for kids’ eyes. Protect kids’ vulnerable eyes and powerful pair of sunglasses. Safety sunglasses must have sunny weather. These sunglasses include a handy pouch while playing indoors won’t lose their sunglasses. Pokemon Kids Sunglasses awesome Pokemon gifts.

Age Level3 year and up
Dimensions7.68 x 6.34 x 1.89 inches
BenefitsMade with plastic and durable won’t easily break, Child use a long time, Protect eyes from sun rays, includes a carrying pouch, adorable gift for kids.


In the above, mention the perfect Pokemon gifts for kids that love any children. Without worry, you can pick up one or more Pokemon gifts as mentioned above. All gifts are the best and perfect Pokemon gifts for special occasions. So, check all ideas and pick amazing gifts based on your taste. 

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