16 surprising Halloween gifts for kids

Halloween is a spooky night! When nears the end of October, everybody starts looking at Halloween gifts for kids. Also, Are you looking perfect Halloween gifts for kids? No worry, we share all possible types and unique gift ideas for kids. This list includes Ghostbuster, Ghost train, Halloween bag, LED costumes, Party Favors, Halloween romper, sound book, Halloween Pumpkin, etc extremely excellent Halloween gift for children,

On Halloween special day, kids wear spooky dress up and collect candy. In the market has different Halloween gifts, we cover every kid’s concern with a little surprising, funny, and educational gift for kids. In the below, have many different toys, games, costumes, etc. So, you can choose one or more gifts from these lists.

halloween gifts for kids

Top 16 amazing Halloween gifts for kids

  1. PLAYMOBIL Ghostbuster
  2. LEGO Hidden Side Ghost Train
  3. 50Pc Halloween Party Favors 
  4. Halloween LED Light up Necklace
  5. Happy Halloween Canvas Bag
  6. Ty Beanie Boos Ghost
  7. LED Halloween Mask Light
  8. 18 Pack Halloween Wind Up Toys
  9. Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin Board Book
  10. Halloween Children’s Sound Book
  11. My First Halloween Rompers
  12. Baby’s My First Pumpkin Playset
  13. Zombie Halloween Finger Puppets
  14. Halloween Pumpkin
  15. Led Novelty Gloves
  16. Halloween Stamps

What is the best Halloween gift for a child?

Any gift is special for man. Listed the best Halloween gift for a child in 2020. 

  • Happy Halloween Bag
  • Ghost train
  • Halloween wind up toys
  • Party favours
  • Halloween LED costumes 
  • Halloween children’s sound Book.

What’s the perfect halloween first gift for my kids?

Halloween is the traditional occasion, but this is special for kids. On this day arrange different types of parties, wear spooky ghost costumes. First Halloween is the most special for babies, and parents think about what to give them? In expert opinion, the perfect Halloween first gifts are Baby’s My First Pumpkin Playset, My First Halloween Rompers, Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin Board Book, Halloween Children’s Sound Book etc.

What can I give out instead of candy for Halloween?

Non candy Halloween trick or treats for kids 

  • LED Light Up mask
  • Halloween stamps
  • Halween wind up toys
  • LED Light Up Rings
  • Stickers
  • Halloween Pumpkin
  • Zombie Halloween Finger Puppets

How do you answer the door trick or treater?

In Halloween, kids knock on the door and tell “trick or treat” that is socially accepted, people respond. There is no official response, most reply with some variant of “Happy Halloween” or a nice compliment for a person’s dress. And they give candy or some gifts or dollars. These dollars are spent for helping people or social work. 

Do you have to wear a costume to go trick or treating?

If you are going to trick or treating, you should wear a Halloween costume. The outfit is the traditional part of the occasion. all games have some rules, players obey these rules.  Different teams have various uniforms and when they play they wear the team uniform. This Trick or treating costumes like these sports uniforms.

Here are 16 amazing Halloween kids gifts that undoubtedly you can consider:

  1. PLAYMOBIL Ghostbuster

Ghostbuster is a cool Playmobil set for kids. The Ghost trap spooky Ghost Hologram like a real Ghost and catching action. Ghostbuster Egon Spengler perfect halloween gift for kids, play with this, they enjoy and fun. “Ghostbuster ” wears classic comedy outfits. This Ghost trap works with attachable clear plastic prisms that cover little black cardboard. The smartphone app works accurately too. This PLAYMOBIL set includes a removable Proton pack, Ghostbuster Egon Spengler, Proton wand, stickable silicone slim splashes and other accessories. For using blank card fold, clear hologram projection and blackening cover.

Included amazing features that makes PLAYMOBIL Ghostbuster ideal halloween gift for children 

Age level6 – 15 years
Dimensions2.76 x 5.67 x 5.75 inches
BenefitsClever ghost capture, Clear hologram cone like a real ghost, More accessories for ghost capture, Curl figures, sit, stand and heads, Different type ghost capture, App properly work.
  1. LEGO Hidden Side Ghost Train

Creative and fun play experience! LEGO builders make a great ghost train that changes from a general locomotive to a ghost train. Unique play experience with an augmented reality app. LEGO toy set includes for kids 5 minifigures that best adventure ghost hunting feel. With mobile phones, the LEGO model makes it alive. Using this app kids can find different types of Ghost and capture. This game app works with different colors that attract the kids. Amazing features that trains can possess in flying mode. Kids have fun playing with boss ghost Bawa. LEGO Hidden side kids introduced with the exciting world. LEGO Hidden Side Ghost Train Express is a great Halloween gift, birthday gift, Christmas and any occasion gift for kids.

Why is LEGO Hidden Side Ghost Train Express the best halloween gift for Kids?

Age Level8 years and up
Dimensions18.9 x 14.88 x 2.78 inches
BenefitsIncrease kids imagination, develop kids creativity, Suitable for android and IOS device, LEGO combines with awesome toy, Fully interactive play experience, Apps continuously update, Cool features with high technology, Includes 5 minifigures that help to play start with right away.
  1. 50Pc Halloween Party Favors 

Cute LED flashing rings for Halloween party! Perfect choice for Halloween Trick or treat kids candy bag fillers. Attractive halloween gifts for adults and  kids that can put on fingers, hair, Halloween cake decor, wall decor and more. Stylish patterns satisfy any age that set has bat, Pumkin, spiders, pirate, solo-eye and so on. If you have little guests on halloween, BUDI party Favour is a great and fun gift for them and they shine in the dark night. LED lights flashed different colors like blue and red that children liked, cute and cheap favor.

Why do kids like  to wear Halloween Party Favors?

Age level: 2 year and up
Weight10.4 ounces
BenefitsRings are pretty and bright, Rings use in any part, Adjustable and fit kids and adults, Easy to wear, Light long last 5-6 hours, Easily light on and off, Use for many decoration, assorted rings style, best choice for trick or treat bag fillers.
  1. Halloween LED Light up Necklace

Wonderful light necklace for children! Kids love to wear different colors and light up necklaces. Flashing light is so cute and perfect for a little child to wear to a Halloween party. 15 stylish Ghosts patterns and three different flashing modes. When you and your child wear this necklace in the Halloween party, this LED necklace will create the most special in the crowd and your friends and others want to buy this for the festival. And the light shining bright for many hours. Halloween light up necklace perfect fashionable gift for Halloween party. 

Fantastic Halloween LED Light up Necklace gift for kids and adult

Age level3 year and up
Weight7.7 ounces
BenefitsHigh quality materials, flash lasting 12-15 hours, 3 different switching modes, wear in any festival part, Perfect Halloween Goodie Bag filler, Special necklace for Halloween spooky night, Perfect for kids and adults. 
  1. Happy Halloween Canvas Bag

Collect more candy with the Happy Halloween canvas Bag! Festive and lovely reusable bulk Goody Bags is the best choice for kids and all ages that already have a favourite trick or treat bag. Also, you can carry clothing and use it for travelling. This bag is a large size that carries more candy from Halloween buckets. Good design with Halloween classic icons, vampire bats, a black cat, haunted castle and more. Happy Halloween Canvas Bag 17 inches deep and 14 inches wide, simply wash. Made with cotton and handle easy to carry.

Cute Happy Halloween Candy Bag gift for children

Age Level5 years and up
Dimensions9.2 x 6.8 x 0.9 inches
Cute Halloween Design, Candy baskets alternative, Big size carry more candy,carry essential costumes, Easily wash, Suitable for all ages, 100% polyester, Reusable bag, Super strong.
  1. Ty Beanie Boos Ghost

Very sweet Beanie Boos! This cute spooky Ghost is ready for trick or treat. For hunting, it has a small treat bag and some acute fangs. And Approximately 6 inches tall. Excellent design and perfect Halloween gift for children. Very careful designs that are safe for kids. Eye design is always secure for safety reasons. Ty brand’s first priority is child safety. Little trick or treat bags that ghosts hold few gifts and dollars for a kid. Ty Beanie Boos Ghost is recommended for 3 years old. Kids love it and incredibly happy to have found this gift.

Why is Ty Beanie Boos Ghost a perfect Halloween gift for a little child?

Age level3 year and up
Weight3.17 ounces
BenefitsEye design safe for kids, Made with polyester fiber, Look like a real ghost, Standard quality, Amazing eye color.
  1. LED Halloween Mask Light

Comfortable and cool LED Halloween mask! This mask will wear any person, fit all head sizes. Also kids wearing it, masks are more comfortable too. Bright mask that light  battery lasts 24 hours of continuous use. Flashing effect, easy costume option for Halloween or other parties and Mask LED effect is too good. Made this mask with harmless materials and completely safe for humans. LED Halloween Mask Light perfect and nice gift for Halloween party.

Why will you or your kids wear LED Halloween Mask Light in Halloween parties?

Age Level 2 years and up
Numbers of Battery2 AA batteries
BenefitsFully safe for humans, Lasting 24 hours continuous use, Fit for most of the people, High quality mask, 3 different modes, Glowing Festival party.
  1. 18 Pack Halloween Wind Up Toys

Are you looking for some unique toys that love kids?  Yes, Clockwork wind up toys are perfect gifts for little guests! Craft looks so cute with lots of charm. Playing with wind up toys, great entertainment for loving children. For young kids, Great way to develop fine motor skills, become more curious, learn with fun with wind up toys. Toys perform different actions, walking different mechanisms that obviously surprise kids or adults. 18 different mini figures included that are the unique kids party favour gift for halloween, birthday, christmas etc. Also, Halloween wind up toys set use for party bag fillers, home decoration etc.

Unique Wind up Toys are a great halloween gifts for kids

Age Level3 months and up
Weight8.8 ounces 
Benefits100% safe, durable, high quality non-toxic. More patterns, fun stylish mini figures, develop babies different skills, curiosity and learn with fun.  Playing with different actions. Walking different mechanism that love little child 
  1. Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin Board Book

Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin Book ideal Halloween gift  for babies! Language development is difficult and different countries have different systems. But Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin Book is an easy to learn language that has song, rhymes children enjoy. Rhymes are perfect for Halloween. This book is more exciting for detailing  stories about adventures itsy bitsy Pumpkin, parody spider song, nice illustrations, funny stories, perfect for singing, has many academic applications etc. Kids read this book again and again. Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin Board Book is quite durable, colorful, bright illustrations that like all babies.

Listed some excellent features that makes Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin Board Book perfect halloween gift for babies 

AuthorSonali Fry
Age level2 – 4 years
SeriesItsy Bitsy
BenefitsFunny story for kids, Vocabulary building, Fun illustrations, durable board book. attention capturerer.
  1. Halloween Children’s Sound Book

Awesome Halloween sound book for little children! When all friends celebrate Halloween together, this sound book helps to enjoy. Kids early ready to collect bird sound  for Halloween with trick or treating. Pressing the sound button effects many sweet sounds.  Fun with learning “Trick or Treat”, “Happy Halloween” and “Thank You” etc. With Colorful design sturdy board book that is great toddlers for Halloween. When little knocks the door, press the button with a different sound effect. It’s more enjoyable for children.

Listed some excellent features that Halloween Children’s Sound Book attract the kids mind

AuthorRosa Von Feder
Age LevelBaby – 5 years 
SeriesEarly Bird Sound Books
BenefitsGreat illustrations, Easy to carry, more different sounds, Sturdy board book, Unique experience.
  1. My First Halloween Rompers

Super cute outfit perfect Halloween gift for babies! High quality materials, funny and cute little outfits with black and orange that print the message ‘My First Halloween’ spooky pumpkins. 100% cotton with soft, comfortable materials, adorable pumpkin hat etc. Better for playing outside and wearing any special occasion. Oklady ‘My First Halloween Rompers’ suitable Halloween gift for babies.

Why is My First Halloween Rompers the perfect first Halloween gift for babies?

Age LevelLevel: 3 -24 months
Materials100% cotton
BenefitsLovely design, High quality cotton, perfect fitting.
  1. Baby’s My First Pumpkin Playset

Baby’s first Halloween gift! This pumpkin set is great quality, well made, super cute too. This playset included spider, cad, candy corn, ghost etc. Included animals make sounds that spider rattles, cat meows, Ghost squeaks, candy corn crinkles. Toy’s design is so cute that it attracts kid’s attention mostly. Perfect size for little baby hands and easy to carry any place. Adorable first Pumpkin that is the perfect first halloween gift for babies.

Why is Baby’s Pumpkin PlaySet the perfect first Halloween gift for babies?

BrandGenius Baby Toys
Age Level5 months and up
Weight4.8 ounces
BenefitsPerfect size, Make nice sound, Varieties toy in one set, Super cute, most funny gift for babies, Well made.
  1. Zombie Halloween Finger Puppets

Kids love figure puppets! These figure puppets glow in Halloween dark night. Good quality with excellent expressions.  This set has five different Zombi finger puppets  that are soft, perfect for kids fingers, low budget, awesome zombie colors, durable thick and bendable plastic etc. Puppets are so funny and more detailed too.These arms are easily bent. You can use this puppets for cake decoration thats birthday baby love this

illustrations. Also,  these unique finger puppets increase kids imagination, creativity in a few ways. 

Attractive dark glowing Zombie fingers Puppets why are these the ideal Halloween gift for kids?

Age level3 year and up
Weight1.58 ounces
BenefitsGlow in the dark, soft craft, perfectly fit in babies figures, Good quality, cheap price, Unique puppets, use for cake decoration, Unique puppets style.
  1. Halloween Pumpkin

Cool Halloween Pumpkin! Pumpkins are the halloween symbole.  Halloween tradition is that craving faces into fruits or vegetables. Jack-O-Lantern green stream Pumpkin is the most common for craving that’s are beautiful spooky choice for halloween. This set has four pumpkin, 2 inches tall & very cute. Halloween Pumpkins are excellent gifts for 6 years children.

Amazing Halloween Pumpkin Why Jack-O-Lantern Headgear minifigure compatible choice for halloween gift?

Age Level6 years and up
Weight0.704 ounces
BenefitsGood for decoration, traditional face craving, Awesome looking &  Good pricing.
  1. Led Novelty Gloves

Awesome light up Halloween gloves! Led Novelty Gloves are so funny and look incredible in the dark night that gloves create a glowing illusion. This illusion impresses or attracts kids and adults. Best halloween costumes that show clear wrists in light, reflective materials really look like bones, knuckles and more. Safe design with 12 different colors, easily change color etc. Also, Fit your hand & use these gloves in Halloween parties,Christmas parties,Nightclub, Stage shows etc. 

Attractive Led Novelty Gloves that excellent halloween gift for kids

Age Level5 years and up
BenefitsSafe for kids, 12 different colors & 13 unique modes, Chargeable light lasting a long time, Easy to control, Kids and adults have different size gloves, Lighting illusion attracts all people.
  1. Halloween Stamps

Great alternative to candy! Pass out house to trick or treat mark the stamps. You can use Halloween stamps for decoration cake, house wall etc that kids enjoy. Included some stamps for spooky characters. Halloween Stamps have lots of color, well made, adorable. Use them outside, also use in the rain that works perfectly.

Halloween stamps are the perfect alternative to candy that are perfect halloween gift for kids

BrandFun Express
Age level3 – 20 months
Weight5.6 ounces
BenefitsGreat favour, 24 stamps in one package, alternative to candy, 6 different stamps.


October coming, everybody thinks what are the halloween gifts and trick or treating for children. Don’t worry, in above we listed all possible type halloween gifts, funny gifts, cute gifts, attractive educational gifts that are the best Halloween gifts for kids or babies. All collections are the best so, Go ahead and pick up one or more based on your preference.

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