12 Exclusive Gifts For Engineers 2021

Looking for extraordinary gifts for engineers in your life? You should find a suitable present which fits with their analytical mind, curious, creative and logical mindset. We mentioned some unique gift ideas that are good quality worthy and adjusted gifts for mechanical engineers , and graduation gifts for engineers analytical & creative minds. That also helps their work field. These gifts are an engineer’s field bag, robotics arm edge, Raspberry Pi smart robot kit, special engineers ballpoint, Arduino, coffee mug, metrics scale, multi-plier, perpetual calendar, posture corrector etc. These presents are fit for engineers’ birthdays, graduation, festivals, Christmas gifts, holidays and other special occasions.

12 Best gifts for engineers

  1. Robotic Arm Edge
  2. Engineers Field Bag
  3. Professional Raspberry Pi Smart Robot Kit
  4. Engineer Ballpoint with Stylus
  5. Arduino Starter Kit
  6. Engineer Coffee Mug
  7. Architect Contractor Engineering Gift
  8. Metric Scales 
  9. Suspension Multi-Plier 
  10. Large Perpetual Calendar
  11. 3D  Printing Pen
  12. Wearable Posture corrector 

What are the best gifts for mechanical engineers?

Included some best gift for mechanical engineers that are useful & suitable with their lifestyle, thought & mindset

  • Robotic Arm Edge
  • Engineers Field Bag
  • Metric Scales 
  • Posture corrector 
  • Engineer Ballpoint with Stylus
  • Engineer Coffee Mug
  • Arduino Starter Kit
  • Perpetual Calendar
  • Weatherproof Notebooks
  • Engineer Knife

What are some useful gifts?

Mentioned some most important, useful and creative gifts for engineers. You can choose gift from this list

  • Engineers Tactical Bag.
  • Power Coffee Mug.
  • Multitool
  • 3D  Printing Pen
  • Safety Glasses
  • Circuit Board Card Holder
  • Mechanical Pencil Set
  • Prime Club Board Game

Here are some excellent gifts for engineers that you can consider:

best gifts for engineers

1. OWI Robotic Arm Edge

Robotic arms are grav objects that are used for STEM education and learn with fundamentals robotics & coding. 

This is the essential kit for robotics learning. Playing with this tool children start to learn basic concepts of robotics technology. It improves hand skill, manipulates objects etc that has five motors for optional control, movement, fun. This robotic kit helps to learn problem solving, troubleshooting, reasoning skills and logical skills etc. Funtur engineers start to develop with this kit.

Brand Elenco
Size 16 x 11.5 x 3.5 inches
Weight2.59 pounds
Recommended age12 – 15 years
Batteries4 D batteries required.
Benefits Great way to learn robotics accompanied by funny ways. Perfect for 12+ old children. Help to teach in STEM education. Grow problem solving ability. Keep engaged children. Boost small motor skills that allow students greater independence.

2. Rothco Canvas M-51 Engineers Field Bag

Engineers field bags that are always needed. Because engineers go outdoors, they carry different accessories that easily bear everythings.

It is perfect for travel, business, school, tactical, military, outdoo, survival clothing etc. Comfortably carry laptop, large mouse, power cable, power adapter etc.  It has a large compartment, many pockets with these pockets you freely bear a pen, documents, phone, wallet, card, key etc. Adjustable shoulder strap that fully extended.

Brand Rothco 
Material Cotton
Size 17 x 14.5 x 2.5 inches
Weight 3.25 pounds
Benefits Extra large compartment, easy to carry with shoulder strap, hold small electronic device, pen & other document. Metal lock closure. Various side pockets.

3. Professional Raspberry Pi Smart Robot Kit

These starter kits are necessary for electrical & computer engineers. Without this  kit, they can’t start their projects.

Package contained a 305 page pdf that included basic programming & basic electronics. Also contains the most popular python code with easiest blocks. Contains 225 common & unique items that are needed for projects like motor, LED matrix, PWM, joystik, buzzer, temperature sensor, accelerometer, serial communication, servo, potentiometer, stepper motor, button, Light Sensor, Magnetometer etc. Micro bit is a tiny programmable computer that helps to design project, make learning easy with fun.

Brand Freenove 
Weight1.19 pounds
Package Dimensions7.95 x 5.43 x 1.81 inches
Benefits Full electrical starter kit. With this set you can complete any project. Included blocks & python code. Helpful for micro bit components. Add interesting project ideas & circuit diagrams.

4. Engineer Ballpoint with Stylus

Special & unique design engineer ballpoint style with multi functions. That worked in 5 in 1.

Included this pen in a ruler, level, flat head, phillips screwdriver, capacitive touch screen etc.  Pen contains a mini refill. Pen has a metal barrel, good weight & balance.   Nice touch with rulers for some drafting, If you need to scale from time to time. This is a great addition to arsenal tech gadgets. This is the perfect gifts for engineering students, graduation gifts for engineers, Christmas gifts or other special occasion.

Brand Design Gifts
Weight2.4 ounces
Dimensions7 x 2.1 x 0.6 inches
Benefits Great quality, price, inexpensive gift. Unique design work as a 5 in 1. Thin box. Black ink color. Take a mini refill.

5. Arduino Starter Kit

Quick and easy starter kit with learning of STEAM subjects at home. Without experience you can use this.

First basic electronics learning kit in a hands on way. That is to introduce programming, circuit diagrams and engage in your project. It contains a 170 page project guide, 100 components which are able to build 15 different real world projects. Also it bears various sensors & actuators. It can boost problem solving ability, learn critically and creatively.

Brand Arduino 
Weight1.8 pounds
Product Dimensions6.3 x 9.06 x 1.77 inches
Processor Count1
Benefits Help with real life projects. No previous experience needed for using. Included project guide. Contains 100 tools with different sensors & actuators. Introducing basic electronics. Grow critical thinking ability.

6. Engineer Coffee Mug

Ideal engineers travel with coffee mugs that keep the drink at an accurate temperature for a long time.

They can use this for their favourite drink. Durable wall vacuum insulation, friendly cup holder, tumbler is unbreakable and doesn’t convert flavor.  Easily use it in cars, on the road, at home and outdoors. Perfectly use this mug everywhere. Capacity 20 oz. and correctly fit your hand. Perfect & unique gift idea for engineers.

Capacity1.3 Pounds
Item Dimensions 4 x 4 x 6 inches
Benefits Keep warm for a long time. Use it everywhere. Made with 18/8 food grade stainless steel, unbreakable, rust resistant, Clear BAF free lid. Good capacity.

7. Architect Contractor Engineering Gift

Extraordinary Architect Engineering gifts that make their work easy.  This is an exceptional artist gift idea for Birthday, Graduation, Christmas, fathers day, boyfriend and grandpa.

One pen completes 5 functional activities. Ballpoint built with caliper measure in inches and cm, gauge etc. Architects appreciate this detailed measurable pen, refillable. Mal]king it use German technology. So. it’s an unique & exclusive pen design  for engineers.

Item Dimensions6.1 x 1.1 x 0.5 inches
Closure TypeRetractable
Benefits Accurate measurer tool, 5 multi function support, refillable standard pen, Gel usable, contractors and architects best gift. Work as a retractable ballpoint.

8. Metric Scales 

Advanced digital metric scales which are suitable for engineers. That quickly & accurately measures printed plan, drawings, maps, cubic, square area and linear distance.

91 Architectural & engineering measurement work with this high quality metrics scale, including yards, metrs, square, cubic formats and more.  Store any plan on this scale. Engineers use it in office work, out field or any types of measurement. Included input jack that connects with PC and prints the result. Attached with these 2 long life batteries and hard protective case.

Brand Calculated Industries 
Dimensions9.00 x 6.00 x 2.00 inches
Weight6.7 ounces
Number of Measuring Units91
Number of Custom Scales10
Number of Displays2
Benefits advanced digital plan measure, Use for any measurement, included 10 custom scales. Provide accurate results. Included input jace. Store any pam & press removed last entry. Precision built-in for speed.

9. Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier

Exceptional multi tool compatible for any types of engineer. Reliable, easy to handle and touch that is suitable for engineered tackle jobs in any situation.

 Butterfly design with durable stainless steel . Quick & convenient 12 tool integrated tool attached with this. Strong, lightweight, butterfly easy opening handle that inspired me to use it. Work as knives, fine-tune cutting, serrated blade etc. Included phillips screwdriver & medium flathead screwdrivers, ballistic nylon sheath. That perfect use in real life.

Brand GerberGear 
Weighs 9.6 oz
Overall Length6.0″
Closed Length4 inches
Opening StyleButterfly
Benefits Multi functionality, 12 integrated components. Locking system that ensures your safety. Lightweight steel handle, Convenient, easy opening usable butterfly frame. Ideal structure design

10. MoMA Large Perpetual Calender, Black and Red

This is the special bold calendar that works year after year. 

Specially it made for the Museum. Magnetic balls simply move, show date & month.  Use a beautiful wall decor and on a desktop. Included wall mounted hardware and injection molded plastic. Therefore this large perpetual calendar has many compliments.  Best gift idea for brother, friends, nephew and others.

Weight0.739 ounces
Material TypePlastic
Item Dimensions 13 x 2 x 9 inches
Benefits Magnetic balls move easily. Special calendar design. Use for home decor.  Included electronic instruments. Mark date & month.

11. 3D  Printing Pen

Your imagination draws with a 3D professional pen. A special feature is that you always customize your drawing.

Adjustable feed, temperature and 3D extraordinary friendly pen with safe and speed drawing. Monitor temperature control to achieve a wide variety effect.  Included this package 3 colors, A/C adapter and ergonomic touch pen. Who wants to play with a 3D printer? This is the perfect gift idea for them.

Brand MYNT3D 
Weight13.1 ounces
Included Components3D pen, manual, 3 rolls ABS filament, USB cord, AC adapter, nozzle replacement tools
Benefits Professional 3D pen. Kit included 3 colors, speed drawing, adjustable temperature, OLED display monitor, Draw varieties effect.
  1. Wearable Posture corrector 

12. Wearable Posture corrector | Lumo Lift

Posture corrector needed for every engineer. Because they work for a long time in one sitting position.

Lumo lift change your life that helps to sit, stand taller, straighter, look better etc. It also tracks your body fitness. Lumo lift connects with your smartphone with bluetooth. better posture help look better, feel better, confident, reduce neck, back pain etc. Therfeor improve stength and reduce stress. Specail & unique gift for engineers.

BrandLumo BodyTech
Weight0.48 ounces
ColourWhite Gloss
Benefits Change posture, boost body fitness, look better and taller. MAke more confident, reduce neck & back pain. Provide comfortable & flexiable sitting.

Conclusion : 

The above amazing gifts for engineers will help you perfect, worthy and thoughtful  presents for your relatives, friends and others who are engineers. We ensure that these gifs satisfy your relatives. These items help them in working or real life. For this they will love whatever you pick.

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