Best Gifts For Dementia Patients

Are you looking for gifts for dementia patients? or perfect gift for loved ones who live with people with dementia, memory loss, or Alzheimer’s? Choosing suitable gifts for people with dementia so hard or difficult and losing more time for picking an amazing present. Also, you totally don’t know about memory loss or Alzheimer’s. It’s a difficult situation and you can’t select what to do? We select some of the best and compatible gifts for Alzheimer’s patients that help them in daily life, busy mind, hand, improve memory power, reduce depression, and loneliness. These presents are picture care phone, digital alarm, and calendar, big button TV remote, sensory toys, medicine organizer, reminiscence, springbok puzzle, coloring book, fidget blanket, etc. 

Maximum time dementia people feel depressed because they don’t remember any things, documents, or news. Even, they read the news five minutes ago, after 10 minutes they can’t remember any information. Their life depends on other people. But this listed gift, work as a life hacker or easier. We hope you find a useful sensory gift for your memory loss patients. We ensure that receiving this present they feel a special valuable person with love and care. 

Top 12 Gifts For Dementia Patients

  1. Digital Calendar Alarm Day Clock
  2. Picture Care Phone 
  3. Medicine Organizer
  4. Flipper Big Button TV Remote for Elderly
  5. Keeping Busy Match The Shapes
  6. Reminiscence Card Album
  7. Pocket Pack Collection
  8. Sensory Toys
  9. Fidget Board
  10. Springbok Jigsaw Puzzle 
  11. Fidget Blanket
  12. 50 Fabulous Mandalas Coloring Book

What are the best gifts for dementia patients?

Included the best worthy gifts for dementia patients that make life easier, memory sharper etc.

  • Digital calendar
  • medicine organizer
  • sensory toys
  • Phone with picture
  • Big button TV remote
  • springbok puzzle
  • coloring book
  • Reminiscence card album
  • Keeping busy with shape

How do you cheer up someone with dementia?

Changing their thinking topics, more time spent with them, busy their mind, hand and playing games & puzzle etc, In this process you can cheer up with dementia. Also, If you change their sad fact, decreased mobility and  something humorous changes their mind, They feel joyful and happy. 

What colors are good for dementia patients?

Red, blue, green colors are good for dementia patients. Blue gives a calming effect and is called a restful color. Reading improves brain activity & growth room temperature.

How can dementia patients reduce anxiety?

Many way to prevent anxiety, you can apply this system for reducing anxiety or stress

  • Build a peaceful and quiet environment.
  • Avoid environmental triggers
  • Make personal comfort zone
  • Simplify regular task and routines
  • Practice some regular exercise

What foods are bad for dementia?

This included bad foods for dementia that harmful for dementia

  • Meats
  • Smoking
  • Beer
  • Cheeses
  • White food like pasta, cake, white rice, sugar and bread
  • Microwave popcorn
gifts for dementia patients

Here are the exceptional gifts for Alzheimer’s patients to pick from:

1. Digital Calendar Alarm Day Clock

Amazing remote control digital calendar with alarm function which fits for Dementia, aged seniors, visually impaired and helps to know the time easily.

This clock clearly tells the time, date, month and year. This is not only for the desk but also hung on the wall. User friendly interface, 7 control buttons, simple and easy to adjust and look at the time from far away. 5 different alarm functions have great benefits for seniors, this alarm reminds time of medicine taking. This large screen display clock is an ideal home living accessory for Dementia, no eyesight and aged seniors. 

Brand JALL 
Weight1.48 pounds
Display size8 inches
Benefits Easy to operate, simple, adjustable design and user friendly setup. High resolution screen with screen protector. No need for a battery. Brightness auto changes with time. Great elder parents gift. use anywhere in the home, office desk.

2. Picture Care Phone 

Wonderful phone,  each button holds a picture. Clear sound, loud, easy to program, clear reception so solve hearing issues and clearly hear the softest voice. One of the most necessary gifts for memory loss patients. 

People with dementia maximum time fall in confusion and confused time they press all buttons. However, each button contains one picture, so they dial easily and securely calling the people. This pictured phone was very easy to install, clear direction with easy to use. Someone who is easily forget and confused numbers, this phone become a perfect gift for them

BrandFuture Call
Batteries1 AA batteries required.
Item size7.5 x 3.5 x 9 inches
Item Weight1.3 Pounds
Multiline OperationSingle-Line Operation
Benefits Well designed and affordable price. Excellent phone for elderly. Volume controlling system. Clear and loud voices that solve hearing problems. 10 one-touch memory keys. Bright LED light with incoming calls. 

3. Medicine Organizer

Practical Donseen pills which organize pills with alarm and vibration reminder and makes daily life easier.

No worry about failing to remember medicine. You can set up 5 different alarms for medicine or other. Maintain food and medicine quality and safe. If you need to take vitamin or medicine supplement, organize pill in the box and set up an alarm and exact time it reminds you. This portable pill container is an extraordinary gift for people with dementia, blaind and elderly or old parents.

Brand Donseen
Weight 49 g
Size 2.48 x 0.79 x 2.48 inches
Benefits Easy to carry a portable size, alarm set at 5 different times. BAF free food, safe and secure. Making use high quality materials, more durable. 4 compartments. Donseen brand ensures quality guarantee.  

4. Flipper Big Button TV Remote for Elderly

Incredible present idea for an aged family member or relative with dementia or Alzheimer’s or someone who is blind or low and impaired vision.

 Flipper Big Button TV Remote is exactly designed for elders, dementia , visually impaired. It provides a better  TV viewing experience.  This remote works in multiple devices like Satellite boxes, Soundbars, Comcast and Xfinity. Identical and customize functionality, you can set 25-30 your favorite channels and enjoy more. Exceptional LOCK feature that prevents accidents and unwanted calls.  Flippa TV remote advanced and simple universal remote on the market.

Brand Flipper
Compatible DeviceTV
Batteries2 AAA batteries required.
Benefits Multifunctional remote. Simple design and easy to use. Customized and unique functionality. Advanced programming that avoids various issues. 100% money back guarantee. 

5. Keeping Busy Match The Shapes

Engaging and challenging matching games, make varieties fun or entertainment. This isn’t for kids, eligible puzzles, activities or games for aged with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Bright colorful shapes naturally attract people, engaging with activities and able to introduce more leading concepts. Specially this game designed for people with dementia, challenging game, apply assistive techniques for enabling success that improve living quality. Adding some complexity no hints for any template replaced by black template. Provides some instruction and guidelines that seniors play this game successfully, a level upgrading process more interesting and well situated with dementia. Also this matching game is ideal for people with blind or dexterity challenges.

Brand Keeping Busy 
Weight12 ounces
Dimensions13 x 10 x 1 inches
Benefits Specially designed for seniors with dementia.Cognitive and dexterity challenges. Bright colors with shapes help to match.  Provide cueing and use assistive techniques. Enhance adaptable ability. Massive fun making a matching game with sorting and stacking.

6. Reminiscence Card Album

This Reminiscence Card particularly designed for spark conversion around much loved memories.

This card is recommended for people with mid-stage dementia. Image slides are a significant  tool to spark conversion and start off engaging conversion. Each reminiscence pack holds 15 images and every image contains all information that without training session memory losing patients remains all information.  Reminiscence Card activities can be an outstanding way to learn about something or someone’s life and create a good relationship.

Brand Active Minds
Size 0.79 x 7.48 x 7.48 inches
Weight 14.82 Ounces
Benefits Best tool for mid stage dementia. Strong card design with spark range. Each card engages in initial conversion. Feeling Proud, Getting A Smile. Getting Creative. Learn about something and keep your mind busy.

8. Pocket Pack Collection

Pocket pack collection cards are a great puzzle game and activities. It keeps Alzheimer’s people engaged and eases his sadness. Perfect gift for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

It is designed for old dementia and Alzheimer’s, easy to play and builds a sense. Simple game, moreover dexterity required to roll and handle the dice and cards. This game is funny, enjoyable and challenging game solving needs both math and reasoning skills. Matching image  engaged people and cognitive activities.

Brand Keeping Busy
Weight8.1 ounces
Recommended age50 years and up
Size11.5 x 5.8 x 0.7 inches
Benefits Easy to play. Fun to playGreat tool for all Dementia or Alzheimer’s stages. Easy to follow guidelines.

8. Sensory Toys

Restless hands and laziness increase anxiety and depression. Sensory toys ball keep your hand busy, reduce loneliness, make strong Alzheimer patients hands, solve arthritis problems and overcome nervousness.

Provide varieties of funny, enjoyable and tactile activities.This toy is comfortable for dementia patients hands. Hand busy with contraband lines your mind and helps to calm. Improve fine motor skill. Also this pack included buttons, zip pocket breads, colored sensory balls, ribbons etc. Ideal gift idea for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Brand Rainbowstar 
Weight 13.62 Ounces
Size 11 x 8 x 6 inches
Benefits Useful therapeutic tools, reduce loneliness, help calm nervousness, increase fine motor skill. Keep your hands warm and busy. Ideal accessories for home or outdoor as well as care facilities.

9. Fidget Board

Fidget Board is a significant tool for elderly suffering with all types of memory loss patients. Keep help busy, simulation mind and especially designed all stage DEMENTIA or ALZHEIMER’S patients.

This simulation process can always help to fortify  memory skills in older people. Use this for early stage Alzheimer’s  or Dementia that can be recovered from stress, anxiety and terrible. Mental simulation activities for aged help to aregivers through the difficult times of the day. Also. It provides a better feeling, better quality life, and increases communication skills with someone’s.

Brand GeriGuard
Weight1.7 pounds
Size  11.5 x 5.75 x 1.5 inches 
Recommended age6 months and up
Benefits Portable and compact carry in travel, office. Control anxiety, hand and increase muscle strength. MAd in the USA. Overcome from stress and tribble. Mental simulation activities support patients. Improve communication skills and work as a life is easier.

10. Springbok Jigsaw Puzzle 

Springbok Jigsaw Puzzle piece is unique, extra large and never repeated.

This puzzle is specially designed for seniors that help to remember lines with memory related illness and nostalgic designs for adults. Made in the USA. 18% average thicker, thick cut 75 point board, Eco-friendly, sustainably sourced organic, non-toxic soy-based inks and utilize 100% recycled materials.Perfect size ensures tight and interlocking high quality puzzle.

Brand Springbok
MaterialLithograph-Laminated Fiberboard
Item Size23.5 x 18 x 0.25 inch
Number of Pieces100
Benefits Non repeated and unique design. Eco- friendly materials use. Recommended for DEMENTIA patients. Perfect gift for people with dementia. Solve memory related illness. Interlocking heirloom-quality puzzle.

11. Fidget Blanket

Fidget Blankets stay hand busy, make the mind sharp, reduce negative effects for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients can use this pillowcase and solve some problems.

Pillowcase prevents memory loss and keeps you busy with social functions. Practice fine motor skill, fit with a laptop, beautiful and colorful fidget cover. Unique and colorful pillowcases work as a nice decorator.  Fidget lap Blanket put right on lap, relaxation, satisfying and simulation experience.  This pillow case also helps children or adults. If Your friend or loved one is suffering from dementia, you can use it as a perfect gift.

Brand American Heritage Industries
Weight 4.09 Ounces
Benefits Convenient, avoiding memory loss problems, Keep busy with social functions, laptops decorated with unique and colourfully. Increase motor skill. Create individual and personalized attention. Keep mind relax and improve stimulating experience.

12. 50 Fabulous Mandalas Coloring Book

Coloring books always help to relieve stress, make you relax through the simple joy of coloring.

Gorgeous mandalas contain traditional motifs, geometric, abstracts, florals and more await artistic flair. It gives hours of relaxation and enjoyment. This  Fabulous Mandalas Coloring Book softcover, easy to clean glossy finish. 50 single side page designs.

Publisher Independently published 
Weight 12.5 ounces
Paperback 111 pages
Benefits Easily page removed. Soft cove with glossy finish. Large book size.quality gift design for dementia patients. Make fun and enjoyment.


These gifts for dementia patients  isn’t a gift that is needed for all aged people who suffer in memory loss problems. Alzheimer’s people forget maximum things and feel depressed. Listed gifts help the busy hand, mind, reduce stress, anxiety etc. Also, these make life easier, feel better and without other people help they complete their own daily activities. All gifts are stylish, affordable, well designed with color, attract man’s,  so you can choose one or more items in difficult situations. Go ahead and make sure that dementia  people feel special and appreciate you.

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