Exclusive gifts for blind people – Visually Impaired

Looking at the perfect occasional gifts for friends, relatives, or co-workers who are blind or visually impaired? Blind people are always looking for fun, games, enjoyable and delightful moments. So, we have selected these types of gadgets which are used as gifts for blind people. Funny gifts for the blind practical items like bump dots, OrCam MyEye, tactile Rubik’s, talking alarm clock, folding blind cane, UNO braille, braille plastic cards, etc that are creative, thoughtful, useful, affordable budgets, fit for kids or old.

Gift ideas for the blind fully different from anyone else.  Also, you should focus on the other senses. Choosing these gift ideas to have some sensitive issues. For kids, blind gifts help to the learning and development processes. So, you consider some things to take to make fun and learn. Select some elderly present which helps to remind anything, improve outdoor moving, reading text, face recognition, night time moving, and work as a hearing aid. Without a doubt, You can choose a gift for the blind from the below list. Hopefully, Blind people receiving this gift feel more happy and special. 

Top 12 gifts for blind people

  1. Bump Dots
  2. OrCam MyEye 2
  3. Rubik’s Tactile Cube
  4. Large Talking Alarm Clock for Blind
  5. Mattel Games UNO Braille
  6. Plastic Braille Playing Cards
  7. Atomic Talking Watch for The Blind
  8. Talking Clock Keychain for Blind
  9. Baitaihem Folding Blind Cane
  10. Bulex Magnifying Glass
  11. Mountbatten Whisperer Writer
  12. Chess Set for The Blind

What is the best gifts for blind people?

Included the best gifts for blind people which provide some entertaining moments, play with these cards and chess sets for a long time.

  • Rubik’s Tactile cube
  • Mattel Games UNO Braille 
  • Plastic Braille Playing Cards
  • Chess Set for The Blind
  • Mountbatten Whisperer Writer
  • Talking Clock Keychain for Blind
  • Baitaihem Folding Blind Cane
  • Bulex Magnifying Glass

What’s a good birthday gift for a blind woman?

We select some blind woman birthday gifts that make life easier and more enjoyable.

  • Perfume
  • Floral bouquet
  • Soft toy 
  • Audio books
  • Mug with her name
  • watch
  • A Pendant necklace

What is the best gift for a blind male?

We analyzed and included the best blind gift for male. They touch these items and feel to see or organized all things.

  • smart watch for the blind
  • Talking dart board
  • Low vision keyboard
  • Braille t shirt
  • Talking memo pen
  • Voice over alarm clock
  • Audio book

What Do Blind People Do For Fun?

Some way to make fun for blind people, you can apply these one

  • Go to outdoor walk 
  • Go to travel with his family
  • Play UNO card games
  • Go to shopping
  • Attend concert that is more funny activity
  • Play chess 
  • Cooking favourite recipes
  • Watch movie with audio version
gifts for blind people

Here are some funny gifts for the blind that help to move, make the more funny and enjoyable  moment for blind

1. Bump Dots

Life easier tools for Visually Impaired! It enhances blind effectiveness and independence with low cost.  Improve classroom, working place, computer use, cooking experience.

Bump dots provide easy identification of product with low eyesight. It allows variety of uses such as telephones, remot control, button, switch and computer keyboard control etc that really make work easier. On the cooking tools like a micro oven, washing machine, ovens and more to make settings with bump dots that help to improve the sense of a touch stove top and prevent kitchen accidents. These bump pads are great for doors, drawers and glass table tops that avoid dame from accidental banging and closing.  Bump dots must necessary items for Blind and best gifts on any type of occasion.

Brand GorillaGrit 
Materials Polyurethane
Number of items106 PCs
Benefits Provide all essential tool easy identification. Perfect self stick for office or home. Enhance cooking, classroom or workplace better experience. Help to use the computer keyboard. Able to identify various colors. Finally, make everyday life easier. Made in USA

2. OrCam MyEye 2

OrCam MyEye Pro Artificial intelligence device changes blind lives. With this, finally recognized faces in real time, shopping independently, works everywhere, reads all types of text etc.

Using AI technology read printed and digital text. Identify items from the fridge or shopping mall, you can shop independently.Also voice activated commands available for easy to use and operate with simple hand gestures. Don’t need an internet connection. With this device blind successfully study, work, and perform daily activities and truly change life.

Brand OrCam 
Battery3.7V DC, nominal 320mAH
Camera13 Megapixels
Weight0.79 ounces
Item size2.99 x 0.83 x 0.59 inches
BenefitsRead all text, Identify faces in real time. Identify products. Works everywhere, tiny wireless, small lightweight, magnetically mounted onto virtual glass frames. Accessed without internet connection. But connect headphones, speaker with bluetooth. Use 40 countries and 20 languages that improve all age blind life. 

3. Rubik’s Tactile Cube

Why are Tactile cube Rubik’s suitable for  blind and visually impaired people?

This Rubik’s cube design added shapes to the colored side that Blind can play and solve this Rubik’s. Other cubes don’t solve blind, but it solves this issue, now changes. Visually impaired all aged man really happy to play with it and like very much this smooth pretty cube.

Brand Winning Moves Games
Recommended Age8+ years
Item size4.25 x 4.25 x 3.5 inches
Benefits Easily recognizable. Kids love it. Solve with your eyes closed. Smooth, pretty colors and design. Specially made for Blind. Worthy for advanced cube speed lovers. 

4. Large Talking Alarm Clock for Blind

Perfect talking alarm clock for the elderly vision impaired that also works as a loud hearing aid, announce time, date, week of the day.

This control with one button, provides a clear and loud voice. Easy setup procedure, promote audio instruction which prevents any type of accident. A great alarm clock, People with poor eyesight, they know the time without asking other persons’. Excellent low vision gift idea for parents, grandparents and old men.

Brand Cirbic
Size 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 1.5″
Required Two AAA batteries
Benefits Easy to set up, manage and use. Loud sound, audio instruction for installation. Also, talk date and week of the day. Worthy tool for people who have hearing problems.

5. Mattel Games UNO Braille

UNO game entertaining for everyone, Mattel games brand made a special UNO card for blind which contains braille on every card.

Without interpreter visually impared man play this card game, because it provide audible, printable and digital formats. Braille featured in the 112-card deck, simple number design and classic color. UNO Braille ensures blind and low-vision players enjoy game too much. Particularly UNO braille card   become a great or funny gift for blind kids and older.

Brand Mattel Games
Recommended age7 – 11 years
Weight5.6 ounces
Benefits Especially made for blind. Braille available on every card. Amazing audible, digital and printable formats instructions. Colors and decorations are so good. Low vision players enjoy and make more fun with it.

6. Plastic Braille Playing Cards

Great Plastic Braille Playing Cards for sight impaired people, they feel braille quite easy and like to play with these cards.

This card is a blessing for blind, they are also thankful for the braille included in the game. Really easy to handle, slick and shuffle. Well made and durable, teens enjoy playing this card game.

Size87 mm x 58 mm
Materials plastics
BenefitsBraille included this card.  Easy to handle. Sturdy and made with plastic. Braille pointed on two corners. Lovey and well organized metal case, Full color printing. 

7. Atomic Talking Watch for The Blind

Wonderful atomic talking watch which is suitable for low vision people. If your friend, relatives or loved one is blind, this atomic talking watch is a cool gift for blind.

It announces time, date, day of week, month and year, you set a customized alarm with specific time of the day and also has an hourly reminder option.  Automatically adjust time with time zone, arrive at a new place set and ready to use. This watch blind always carries his hand and sets different alarms, so don’t forget any work time.

Brand LHS
Additional FeaturesTalking, Atomic
Display featuresWireless
Weight3.04 ounces
Benefits Without interpretation they time, date etc. Alarms always remind them of their daily work.  Set different custom alarms. Available both leather and stretch band. Stylish, affordable, also smart and easy to use.

8. Talking Clock Keychain for Blind

Greatest little and inexpensive gadget for eldertly blind people.Low vision people go outside the home when this talking clock keychain helps to low eyesight man.

This keychain announces time, date, month and year in real time that work as a calendar. Also, it has an alarm clock setting. Easy to use, for installation that provide audible instruction.Excellent gift idea for old parents or grandparents for blind or dementia.

Brand Cirbic
Batteries 1 CR2 batteries required.
Voice English and male.
Benefits Large and high contrast talking keychain. Easy to carry. Help in everyday life or traveling. Work as a talking calendar. Loud male voice. Easy to set up.

9. Baitaihem Folding Blind Cane

Folding blind cane is an essential product for visually impaired people. That helps to avoid obstacles in his walking road, also easier to move around outdoors.

This cane easily to fold and unfold and carry on the hand bag.Hook style rolling tip helps to place elastic cord and ensure more security. Plastic handles that better for grip and a convenient carrying strap, cane fully covered with red and white reflector tape for nighttime visibility. This is an extraordinary gift for Christmas, Birthday or other occasion.

Brand Baitaihem
MaterialAluminum alloy
ColorReflective Red
Folding Length38cm/14.96inch
Opening Length128cm/50.39inch
Weight0.57 lb
Benefits Lightweight aluminum tubing, Grip easy with hand. That also helps with night visibility. More durable and ensures high security for blind. Carry with a small bag. Marshmallow hook-style rolling tip that protects from accidents. Folds down 4 sections and easy to transport.

10. Bulex Magnifying Glass

Fantastic Bulex Magnifying Glass provides a 10X magnification effect that helps to physically move and read low vision people.

High power magnification with 12 PCs LED lights extra boost bright light. With this low vision people easily read prints, coins, jewelry, photos, crafts etc and create good illumination. Especially help macular degeneration and perfect for elderly low vision.This Magnifying Glass is lightweight, durable surface and scratch resistant.

Brand Bulex 
Weight10.4 ounces
Recommended age8 years and up
Benefits Provide 10X Macular degeneration, High power magnification. Perfect for old low vision people, High quality and multiple use, Sturdy and scratch resistant. Help to read any printed document. Easy to use and Boost extra bright light.

11. Mountbatten Whisperer Writer

Sometimes blind want to write something that you and other people understand easily. For perfect writing this Mountbatten  Whisperer Writer perfect.

This present idea for the blind have more inspired and give unique feeling. It supports flexible teaching and education for children, teachers etc.  Help Learning process improve with this, promote a better platform for pre-writing, pre computer skill, pre literacy etc. Special gift idea for limited vision.

Brand Harpo
Language Multiple
Benefits Recorded speech, support multiple language, Help kids learning process, Easy battery operation, two way print, braille conversion. Design with Embossing  and capable braille graphics.

12. Chess Set for The Blind

This Chess Set for The Blind especially designed for both blind and sighted players and they enjoy playing. 

It’s high construct, tactile, wood framed peg holes to avoid accidental moments. Foldable and portable anywhere that low vision people start a game in travel, home or other place. This is the best funny gift for the blind.

Brand MaxiAids
Material Wood
Opened and closed size4 1/4 x 8 7/8 &  8 7/8 x 8 7/8
Benefits Easily foldable, portable, Big storage space. Make some funny and lovely moments for blind. Ensure security and prevent any accident. 


The above present ideas are wisely researched and suitable for the blind. These gifts for blind people which make the more funny moments, help to live easier, enhance reading, and physically moving ability. The selected gift items, you can consider for different occasions and Getting these unique gifts Visually impaired people feel special or happy. All presets are gift able, stylish, affordable, simple, great design, and help to improve life.  So, you can consider one or more gifts for the blind loved one.

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