15 Perfect Exclusive d&d gift ideas for Dungeons and Dragons Players

Looking exclusive and perfect meaningful d&d gift ideas for D&D players? But you don’t know about Dungeons and Dragons, gift choosing is more critical for you. Probably you have many questions. What are the different types of dice sets? What are the different types of Dungeons characters? and also question about the d & d master screen.  

Well, we answered your all questions and hope you get the best gift ideas. Because we analyzed hundreds of d&d masters’ hobbies and love like miniatures, character sets, metal dice, storage boxes, big screens, a master mug, and more. There are many gift suggestions here for d&d fans.

Top 15 D & D Gift Ideas

  1. Dice Set
  2. Rolling dice Mat
  3. Metal Dice Tray
  4. Dungeon Beer master mug
  5. Novelty Socks
  6. Mimic Gamer Pouch
  7. Storage Chest dice Box
  8. Miniatures 
  9. D&D Stats Mug
  10. Dungeon master screen
  11. DND Dice Bag with Pockets
  12. Dice case for d&d
  13. RPG Battle Grid Mat
  14. Metal dice
  15. Guerrilla Tees Hoodie 
d&d gift ideas

Why is D&D so popular now?

Yes, 45 years ago d&d game playing started, and d&d is more popular now. Recently d&d lost much of the social stigma and became cooler than before. Last version includes an online playing option and attracts more numbers of adult and female players. It’s the main sign, nerd culture is now mainstream.

How many dice DM need to play?

7-dice. only need one set of dice: the D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, and D20, when you start to play d&d. D10 also includes standard 7-dice sets that are used for percentile rolls.

Can you play D&D with 3 players?

Yes, d&d can play 3 players 1 Dungeon master and 2 players. But d&d play any numbers of players. Maximum Dungeon masters really prefer small groups because they memorize and keep track of all players.

Is D&D hard to learn?

No, d&d isn’t hard to learn. About 30 minutes play and read reference books or other, you can start to play d&d. But you want to be a Dungeons and Dragons master, it’s so hard to become a skilled player

15 best meaningful d&d gift ideas that you can choose 

1. Dice Set 

Dice set always needs for d&d player, but the maximum player collects different types of dice set. Adding a new set is somewhat that gamers would love and appreciate it. Polyhedral 7-Die Dice Set is the most popular set in the market. Because It’s high quality, durable, easy to read, gorgeous color, smooth, and quite fashionable. Luckily, the set comes with a velvet pouch convenient for gamers and affordable. The polyhedral dice set is a cool and perfect gift.

Check features why Polyhedral dice set is a popular choice in the market

Weight 0.988 ounces
Material acrylic(Waterproof & login time use)
BenefitsSuper easy to readAffordable priceEasy to rollDon’t scratchLook great & exquisiteDurableVibrant color.

2. Rolling dice Mat

Rolling mat must be valuable for d&d player. For this, they play any place and no more crawling around the floor. Forged Dice Co. rolling mat is a more compatible and excellent product. Think about it, a fantastic gift idea. Loved it so much a d&d player.

Amazing features that attract any gamer

BrandForged Dice Co.
Weight4 ounces 
Size10 inches long by 1.75 inches wide(perfect size & easily portable)
BenefitsProtect table surface from metalFlexible for rollingFit for dm screenEasy to carry & travel with a bag

3. Metal Dice Tray 

Maximum time d&d gamers play onto the table and scratch the table. Metal dice tray is the perfect gift to take care of the set that any player would find useful. STYLIFING Dice Tray Metal is made by PU leather, good quality soft velvet, metal snaps, Ingenious construction and great compatibility you can consider this product.

Highlighting features Why STYLIFING Dice Tray Metal is the best gift for d&d fans

Manufacture Stylifing(offer 30-day money refund and 6 months sale warranty)
MaterialPU Leather & Velvet
Weight 5.9 ounces
Dimensions 13.4 x 13.4 x 0.12 inches

Protect table from dents & gashesAnywhere carry & play games6 snap fastener with Ingenious constructionWonderful touch feeling with PU Leather, camel velvet with double side designGreat compatible to hold dices, watches, jewelry, keys, coins, candies, etc.

4. Dungeon Beer master mug

Whether special day Birthday, anniversary, and other special day choose a gorgeous wooden mug that presents a versatile gift for Dungeon and Dragons lovers. You make personalized this wooden mug with the message, initial, and log. When d&d fans will get this gift he is surprised, appreciate your choice.

Consider Wildmugs Dungeon Master Beer Mug to amazing features highlighted in the table

Brand WildMugs
SizeThe amount of liquid – 22 ounces
Dimensions8 .1 x 7.5 x 6.3 inches
BenefitsIncredible qualityInsert Stainless steel makes sure that mug isn’t vulnerable. And labeling with copper.Perfect for beer, water and other drinkIdeal gift for any occasion

5. Novelty Socks

Socks must be wearable accessories for all men. Firstly I’m shocked and think it’s the wrong gifts for d&d players. But dragon mimic novelty crew socks are a fun gift for d&d fans.

Many socks for a gamer,  Alynn Novelty Crew Dress Socks designed for Dungeons and Dragons lovers. Made better size, no-slip double calf band, comfort toe sitch, and stylish. This makes a fun gift, You’re not sure what happens but you can include a gift basket. 

Here are the features that make Novelty Crew Dress funny Socks

MaterialHigh quality carded cotton
Keychain Long7-13(Perfects for men)
BenefitsStylish socksDifferent colors100% satisfaction guaranteeMake with high-quality cotton that ensures comfortable wearing.

6. Mimic Gamer Pouch

A handy pouch is really super cute & cool, used for small gaming accessories. Dungeons & Dragons Mimic Gamer Pouch is secure and anyone can’t attack your dice set. It’s a cute and great gift idea for gamers, consider this product and add it in your gift baskets.

Here are some exceptional features that make Mimic Gamer Pouch great gift for d&d fans

BrandUltra PRO International
Weight0.317 ounces
Dimensions5.12 x 5.04 x 1.57 inches
BenefitsMimic storage pouch is official Dungeons & Dragons dice setsZippered inner compartmentMore secure & keep the thieves awayCool & uniqueNo need for other storage boxes.

7. Storage Chest dice Box

Storage Chest Box is a great dungeons and Dragons gift, it ensures safe travel with this box is perfect for the d&d gift. Choose this gift for your d&d fans, any gamer loved this Forged Dice Co Mimic Chest Dice Storage Box for security, design, size and quality. Don’t worry before the player appreciates this gift.

Made with high quality polyresin, travel easily and any time display tabletop game. Interior can fit 5 set dice. Inside it nicely protect your dice set. It represents one of their favorite past times and great displays. And this is the versatile gift idea.

Unique features that Forged Dice Co Mimic Chest Dice Storage Box remains it’s the best storage gift for d&d fans

BrandForged Dice Co.
Weight28.8 ounces
Dimensions8 x 6.2 x 5.9 inches
BenefitsMore secure than other storagePerfect for home & adventure travelDesign painting look goodFit 5 set diceMade with high quality polyresinUse role playing game prop for d&d games or any gaming accessories.

8. Miniatures 

All kinds of Beautiful miniatures stored by most Dungeons and Dragons fans. Great quality figures that have big brand quality. Unpainted miniatures that are easy to paint.

Great entertaining fantasy miniatures that use Versatile Figurines, players character etc. These figures include digital games, story building with character sheets and convenience. Start for playing d&d you need these Miniatures figures .

18 Miniatures Heroic Townsfolk NPC features

Weight3.2 ounces
Dimensions3.2 x 2.8 x 2.4 inches
BenefitsConversation Starter Miniatures High qualityUsing kickstarterGreat priceUse this character for story buildingGuarantee arriving defect or broken and replace them

9. D&D Stats Mug

This product always boosts the mind, start relaxing in the morning with d&d mug and enjoy your favourite coffee, tea or other drinks.

Whatever special day birthday, anniversary, or another special occasion it is, it’s the ideal or great gift for gamers & other people. So, you always consider this product a gift. For coffee lovers can give this mug. High-quality material, great painting, long-lasting, constant satisfaction, etc. D&D Stats Mug makes the morning more enjoyable.

Amazing features why D&D Stats Mug  is the top d&d gift

BrandFunny Mugs, LOL
Weight15.2 ounces
Dimensions5.3 x 4.9 x 4.6 inches
BenefitsDesigned beautifully RPG start with funny coffee mugPerfect unique gift for d&d playerHigh quality martial, design & printed in the USAFantastic gift idea anyone would love. Gift family member  & friendsUse long life & constant satisfiction

10. Dungeon master screen

Gift Dungeon master screen, because it’s essential for Dungeon master. It’s the great control of your campaign. The master screen helps to control the player easily. It has an erasing system after the complete session & erases. Free insert any art like pathfinder and d&d 5e. Green, red, brown, silver, and purple color screen are available. This screen is a must need for all d&d fans.

Wonderful feature that Stratagem The Master’s Tome 4-Panel Customizable GM Screen attract d&d fans

Weight1.36 pounds
Size1/2″ (perfect for home or travel adventures)
ColorsBlack Red, Green, Brown
BenefitsFully customizable & 8 pocket GM screenPrint any type of documents like map, note and art ect. DRY erase screenfree art screenCompatible any role playing gamePerfect for home, travel & adventures welcome

11. DND Dice Bag with Pockets

For a friend who plays d&d? and have multiple dice sets, this gift is perfect for him. And He holds all dice perfectly. This handcraft bag design is so beautiful & cool. Consider this gift for d&d fans, this is the great gift idea for any d&d player, don’t worry you add this bag in your gift basket. Before many d&d fans loved this bag.

Huge dice capacity holds 18 complete dice sets, six internal pockets. Made of leather, skin really feels like a dragon. This is the ideal for storing more dice, d&d figurines, d&d miniatures & other all accessories fit this dice bag.

Listed unique features that DND Dice Bag with Pockets attract the d&d fans

BrandRogues & Knaves
Weight6.4 ounces
Dimension8.6 x 8.6 x 1.7 inches
Benefitspolyhedral dice setHuge capacitysix internal pocketsMade  by leather & touching feel real dragonPerfect finishing touchD&D all accessories fit easily inside the pocket.

12. Dice case for d&d

D&D players have multiple dice sets, this is a suitable gift. Protect from broken, sliding, and scratching, choose this for your d&d fans. We hope he loved this gift very much.

Dice Case is suitable for long travel. softy interior design, protecting the table of your dice, and reducing the noise. This compact dice case is a nice gift for d&d fans.

Listed some Excellent dice case features

Weight4.8 ounces
MaterialsPU leather
Dimension6.29 x 1.18 x 7.87 inches
BenefitsMade dice case hard & durableSoft foam keep from rolling aroundGreat for travelingSturdy & well designedFit for 7 set diceUsing like a rolling tryDice carry successfully in long distanceProtected from broken & scratchingRisk free purchase

13. RPG Battle Grid Mat

RPG Battle Grid Mat is perfect for any tabletop gaming. So, any type of gamer loves this product and you select this gift for a special day for d&d fans.

This is the quality material, durable and used for filmmaking. Have 4 markers, 2 erasers and 4 clips.  Perfect for any other role playing game and miniature fame. Also it’s sturdy and lays flat for using character figures.

Amazing some features lished why choose RPG Battle Grid Mat for d&d fans

Weight3.75 pounds
Dimension4.33 x 26.77 x 4.33 inches
BenefitsUse premium quality materialsstain-free with dry erase markersEasy paintedDraw character, art & maps, and printableGreat tool for RPG and war games

14. Metal dice

Metal dice looking is such a cute and cool design. The first impression the d&d player like this gift.

It’s heavier but very nice. Extremely durable and gorgeous metal box decorated with linear foam.perfect for RPGs Dungeons and Dragons, Shadowrun, Pathfinder, Savage World and math teaching, etc.

DNDND Metal Dice Set D&D features included in table

Weight3.84 ounces
Materialszinc alloy
Dimension4.29 x 2.99 x 1.18 inches
BenefitsMetal Polyhedral Dice Perfect RPGs amd card gameMore durableGreat quality Easy t readNice colorSnd ideal gift

15. Guerrilla Tees Hoodie 

Seeing Special d&d stylish, we were surprised by its  design and softness. This is the fun a great gift for any occasion. We hope Guerrilla Tees Hoodie is the best d&d gift idea.

Wearing this hoodie feels super soft, more comfortable, best materials and ultra soft light weight etc.

Amazing Guerrilla Tees Hoodie features included int table

BrandGuerrilla Tees
Materials100% cotton
Dimension12 x 10 x 1 inches
BenefitsCool & durable designRelax and comfort for wearingHoodie super soft Trusted quality & made in the USA


Above all listed gifts touch hearts Dungeons and Dragons fan and loves everything. So, you choose one or two gifts and avoid duplication. One thing that d&d players never have too many dice, boards & storage. Choose this gift it can’t wrong. For personalized games lover, battle grid mat is alo a great gift idea.without worry, you can choose any one of their interests.

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