Best Birthday gift for 2 year old girl

Celebrate the wonderful birthday 2 years old girl with an exceptional gift. A perfect birthday gift for a 2 year old girl is more difficult, you should focus on babies’ curiosity and safety. These items such as a magic doodle mat, Ice cream toy, Musical table, piano keyboard, alphabet book, learning table, little girl doll, magnetic fishing toy, dressy toy, counting toys would be just perfect for girls kids. These are the exceptional gifts that are uniquely fantastic and worth it.

Here, we choose the most high-quality birthday gift ideas for 2 year old girl These are considered every parent for early development.  These present help to improve 2 year old girl language, motor, personal, social skills as well as cognitive skills. This toy boosts self-confidence and encouragement for all tasks.  However, finding a birthday gift for a 2 year old girl, these toys are useful and worthy, you can consider one. 

Top 14 Birthday gift for 2 year old girl

  1. Tobeape Extra Large Aqua Magic Doodle Mat
  2. Geyiie Ice Cream Toy 
  3. LEO & FRIENDS Wooden Stacking Toys
  4. LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table
  5. Piano Keyboard Toy for 2 year old Girl
  6. LeapFrog Dino’s Delightful Day Alphabet Book
  7.  Rainbow Counting Bears with Matching Sorting Cups
  8. Learning Tablet for Kids
  9. Little Bado Girl Doll 
  10. Wooden Magnetic Fishing Game for kid 
  11. Playskool Dressy Kids Girl Activity Plush 
  12. Buckle Toys – Blizzard Penguin
  13. Counting Toddler Toys
  14. VTech Newborn Necessities Shower Gift Set

What is the best birthday gift ideas for 2 year old girl?

Included the best birthday gift for 2 year old baby girl that improves girls practical and social skills. 

  • Magic Doodle Mat 
  • Ice Cream Toy 
  • Piano Keyboard 
  • Alphabet Book
  • Bado Girl Doll 
  • Counting Toddler Toys
  • Musical Table
  • Dressy plush
  • Matching Sorting Cups
  • Stacking Toys

What do 2 year old like to play?

2 years old kids are more curious. They start to introduce themselves with new things and learn new things. They like to play with the best toys for 2 year old girls

  • Musical toy
  • Dressed Doll
  • Musical instruments
  • Teaching toys
  • Stacking ring
  • Art Material
  • Play kitchen
  • Drawing doodle mat

How do I keep my 2 year old kids busy?

Different way to keep 2 years toddler busy, such as

  • Colourful stacking ring
  • Color matching game
  • Drawing with colourful magic mat 
  • Shaper shorter
  • Playing with piano keyboard toy
  • Counting numbers kids toy
  • Musical alphabet book that learn letter, word and pronunciation
  • Playing with a dressed doll girl
  • cool some puzzle gathering that can easily compete with a toddler.
Birthday gift for 2 year old girl

Here are some fantastic Birthday gift for 2 year old girl that  help to kids early development, improve practical & future skill

1. Tobeape Extra Large Aqua Magic Doodle Mat

Awesome colorful Educational water drawing doodling Mat for kids. Kids always like to draw their walls.  But this Doodle mat solves this problem.

Kids draw freely with color pencils in this large size mat which offers a great way to spend good quality time with kids drawing.

This mat is obviously safe for kids to enjoy, made with soft  components, use water-resistant nylon material, and font wrapped by rain-coat fabric. Ideal gift idea for kids Birthday, Christmas, and other occasions.

Brand Tobeape
Recommended  Age 4 months and up
Mat size 100 X 100 cm
Benefits Safe for kids, soft. non-toxic. Premium quality  painting mat. Doodle mats enough large  for 2-4 years kids. Drawing freely. Enhance brain & imagination power. Comes with some extra accessories.

2. Geyiie Ice Cream Toy 

Ice cream loves maximum Girls & Boys kids. This Ice cream toy cart set design with sweet music, a flashlight that attracts the child’s attention. After the game, it works as a storage box.

This cart playset contains many tools like ice cream cones, biscuits, dessert & food items. Kids play everywhere because carts have push and rolling systems, it can move anyplace. Built with Eco-friendly plastic, very safe for babies. This attractive or charming toy set, you can use as a great birthday, Christmas, holidays, or special occasion gift for 2 years kids. 

Brand Geyiie
Recommended Age2 – 12 years 
Weight 1.25 pounds
Benefits Smart learning toy for babies. Beautiful light & charming musical melodies. Improve logical thinking ability & imagination power. Play easily outdoors & indoor. Many spaces, various accessories, easy clean up etc.

3. LEO & FRIENDS Wooden Stacking Toys

Very cute classic toy for babies. Wooden stacking toy unique designs with wonderful colors that increase babies’ actual learning ability.

With Simple and well built stacking toy rings, children learn combination, shape recognition and they spend more time  playing with friends.  Use great waterborne paint in smooth rings which is an exceptional baby toy and kids love this gift very much.

Recommended age12 – 18 months.
Design 7 soft rings & 8 inch tall
Benefits Standard design quality.  Premium wood. Beautiful design and well built. Learn many things with variety games. Don’t use harmful materials, 100% safety for babies.  

4. LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table

Funny musical & exciting features that help to introduce alphabets, numbers, colors, shape and more. Colorful musical table surprising birthday present for babies.

Also, included various instruments, 70 + songs, tunes etc. Press, pull or slide and activate different learning responses that develop children’s motor skill, vocabulary etc.

Brand LeapFrog 
Recommended age6 months – 3 years
Weight 1 pounds
Benefits Babies both play & learn new topics. 70+ funny tunes that grab kids attention. Removable leg & recyclable material. Colourful classic instruments, sound such as drum and piano.  Traditional color painting.

5. Piano Keyboard Toy for 2 year old Girl

Are you looking for the best birthday gift for  2 year old girl? Piano keyboard toys are a great birthday gift to develop musical enlightenment at an early age.

This age kids are full of curiosity about the unknown. Right music sense period for babies, so this toy piano suitable for 2 years child. Babies are just fun with multi functional toys. Develop kids memory, tone recognition, independent thinking & self cultivation etc.

Brand Conomus 
Recommended Age12 months and up
Packing Size11.2 x 9.4 x 3.1in
Benefits Enjoy various music styles. Introuse with music tunes, instruments, records and other functions. Develop babies musical sense. Improve thinking, EQ cultivation. Using an audio cable piano connects your phone. Absolutely environment friendly & safe.

6. LeapFrog Dino’s Delightful Day Alphabet Book

Quite an interesting  Alphabet Book! Perfect choice for the development stage that helps to learn letters, numbers, words etc.

Dino’s introduction with the alphabet, a letter with the sound. 16 interactive pages to enjoy music, the story read, and funny tones. Pressing the light-up button to hear letters name, sounds, story, etc. With the number button to introduce counting. This is a worthy gift for a child to have early reading skills.

Brand LeapFrog 
Recommended age12 months – 3 years
Weight 2.45 pounds
Benefits Introduce with alphabets. 16 attractive pages. Enjoy a funny musical story. Counting practice with sound.  Attractive butterfly buttons. Enhance early reading skill.

7.  Rainbow Counting Bears with Matching Sorting Cups

Ideal  fun counting educational bears toddler toys for Birthday Present.

Counting bears can keep kids engaged with counting, sorting, math skill, fine motor skills, etc. This set included 90 bears that support 11 activities to help kids learn to add, sorting in a more fun way. Rainbow counting bears suitable act-play toys for great interaction with parents & children and they can play for a long time.

Recommended age3 years and up
Weight1.85 pounds
Benefits Educational toddler toy set. 11 effective activities to learn with fun. Perfect size for little hands. Grow fine  motor & future skill. 100% safe educational counting and sorting toy. Don’t damage, easy washable, durable etc.

8. Learning Tablet for Kids

The colorful keypad provides kids early development with the electric game and learning in fun interactive ways.

Children learn alphabet, numbers, sounds and more. This touchpad contains 10 variety fun nursery melodies, and the child can easily grip this keypad with little hands. Great musical EduPad develop communication, little babies motor skill with humorous toy.

Brand Number 1 in Gadgets
Recommended age24 months – 2 years
Weight1.06 pounds
Benefits Interactive & entertaining learning process. Contains 10 different effective melodies. Grip easily with little hand. Improve communication skills. Grow children early & easily teach letters, numbers, and words in an interesting way.

9. Little Bado Girl Doll 

Cute and well dressed Doll is a great birthday  gift for  2 years old girl. Girls like full dressed dolls. This doll really gives a realistic experience and unbelievable surprise.

Fashionable dolls with long shiny hair which create different hair styles. Maximum doll toy has a single posture, but it’z unique & simple design with different posture. This posture set activity attract all girl kids and attention grabber.

Brand Little Bado
Materialpure ABS materials
Tall 10 inches
Recommended Age2 – 7 years
Weight 0.6 pounds
Benefits Moveable  very pretty doll. Durable surface, perfect kid’s size. Improve kids’ social skills.  Bright color. Soft shiny hair & create various hairstyles. Made with pure material. Easy to clean with warm water. 

10. Wooden Magnetic Fishing Game for kid 

Wonderful Birthday or Christmas day gift for a boy and girl children that provides a kids festival and surprise.

Colourful magnetic toy support catching or fishing game with other little friends. This is the cool puzzle for kids, but no easy to find cool puzzle. Wooden Magnetic Fishing perfect present for babies, they love it very much, suitable pieces for little hands easily pick up and hold. Without a splitter, Smooth  surface protects children’s hands.

Brand Growlier 
Recommended age2-4 years
Benefits Provide all protection for little child. Increase ability of independent thinking. Cool puzzle. Smooth edge surfaces ensure security. Bright vibrant attractive color. Develop motor skill, enhance imagination power, letter & figure recognition. Improve babies creativity.
  1. Playskool Dressy Kids Girl Activity Plush 

11. Playskool Dressy Kids Girl Activity Plush 

The cute and adorable toy has a lot of features that the toddler really loves. 5 dressed activities that become a little adventure practice with dress toys for toddlers.

kids can put on dresses, shoes, change hairstyles that help to go ready outdoors. This dressing again and again might be exciting for themselves. 

They actually love practicing motor skill by tying hair and zippers up and down.

Brand Playskool
Weight11.2 ounces
Recommended age24 months and up
Benefits 5 Various dressed activities.  toddler friendly size.  Cute opeing and closing button. More adorable, machine washable etc.

12. Buckle Toys – Blizzard Penguin

Awesome playful bright plush with vibrant color, these buckles can hold child attention.

Blizzard Penguin loves every girl and boy. Uniquely designed soft plush and colorful. Fun shape with 5 child-friendly buckles.  Improve toddlers fine skill, problem solving, hand eye coordination etc.

Brand Buckle Toys 
Recommended ag12 months – 4 years
Weight7 ounces
Benefits Perfect height and small hand. Engage children. Easily glide zipper pocket. Professionally safe. Play with this Toys  anywhere. Improve math skill.

13. Counting Toddler Toys

Beautiful funny counting chicken, perfect preschool or practical learning toddler toys gift.

Counting chicken introduces fundamental math in a fun and relaxed way. With this toy kids are encouraged to complete each challenge. Which children motivate to more complete tasks and improve confidence and self esteem. This birthday gift toy boost social kill and alone to play independently.

Brand The Learning Journey
Recommended age24 months and up
Weight1.76 pounds
Benefits Improve listing, reading and problem solving skills. Improve confidence level. Take to encourage challenge facing. Progress mind development. Introduce basic math.

14. VTech Newborn Necessities Shower Gift Set

Delightful child gift set for every baby. This is the perfect birthday present.

It comes with four pieces that are introduced with numbers, colors, shapes,  and animals. Piano contains 45 + funny songs, sounds, melodies etc. Babies carry when playing this piano and they stop their carrying.

Brand VTech 
Recommended age0 – 2 years
Weight11.4 ounces
Benefits Perfect for newborn babies. Introduction with different sounds. cuddly Hippo teether, easy reasp frog rattle.


These awesome & best birthday gift for 2 year old girl. This age kids have more curiosity and start to learn new things, So, we choose the best educational toys for 2 year old, with these presents they enjoy to play and introduce with new topics. You can consider one or more because all present are entirely perfect & thoughtful for 2 year old girl.

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