Exclusive baby boys gift sets in 2021

Looking for a unique baby boys gift sets for lovely parents? Most of the baby gifts are gender neutral so finding baby gift selection is quite difficult. But we mentioned below some unique, safe, secure, comfortable and suitable gifts that are high quality and perfect for baby boys. These are baby bike, tents crawl tunnels, sleeping aid, Gym mat, rattle, teether, baby boys clothing set, Busy boy popper toy, welcome baby boy gift set, shower gift, first birthday gift, baby boy car gift, ergonomic baby carrier, baby bath gift sets etc.. You can use these gifts as a newborn baby, shower baby gift, Christmas gift, Holidays present, first birthday gift, Halloween gift etc.

Top 12 Bay Boys Gift Sets

  1. Baby Boy Bike
  2. Kids Play Tents Crawl Tunnels
  3. Baby Toddler Sleeping Aid 
  4. Baby Play Gym
  5. Ergonomic Baby Carrier 
  6. Educational Toys for baby
  7. Rattle & Teether Baby Toys
  8. Baby Boy Cloth set
  9. Busy Ball Popper Toy for Toddlers 
  10. Welcome Baby Gift Set
  11. Baby Soft Books
  12. Baby Boy Car Toy 

What is the most essential baby boys gift?

We listed the most essential baby boy gift. Starting items without these item baby caring is so difficult

  • Baby boy Bike
  • Kids play Gym
  • Baby boy cloth set
  • Busy ball popper toy
  • soft book
  • Baby boy car gift
  • Baby shower gift
  • Ergonomic baby carrier
  • Kids tents tunnels
  • sleeping aid

What gifts are like baby boys?

List of gift that are suitable or like baby boys

  • Baby boy Bike
  • Baby boy car gift
  • Baby play Gym
  • sleeping aid
  • Bath tub
  • Ball popper toy
  • Hand Knitted Bear Slippers
baby boys gift sets

Here are some suitable baby boys gift sets you can consider: 

1. Baby Boy Bike KORIMEFA 3 in 1 Kids Trike for Children

KORIMEFA 3 in 1 Kids Trike for Children Really lightweight, safe and enjoyable baby bike! They can ride indoors and outdoors, used on gravel roads, glass surfaces and carpet etc. This bike is perfect for q year old baby boys who start to learn walking.

Fully enclosed secure bike, no pedals, avoid clamping, prevent baby side falling etc. Proper height that makes it easier to ride traditional bicycles in future and helps fast learning ride at an early age. Children learn balance, skill, stability and coordination. They are happy with a safe momenntum to ride bikes along. Made lots of fun and gained more confidence. 

Materialcarbon steel, EVA wheels, PP
ColorPink,blue,orange,pink duck, yellow duck
Product size18.9 X 7.8 X 14inch(L*W*H)
Max Capacity55lbs
Product weight1.9kg
Benefits Safe, powerful speed controller, Prevent slippery. Ensure proper riding. Ride on any surface, very quiet, no noside, more durable and beautiful seat pad design. Safe seating and comfortable riding experience.  Ergonomic seat design.  structure made with carbon steel. Babies learn balance skills.

2.  Kids Play Tents Crawl Tunnels

Full pink entertainment package for kids! This set is perfect for active babies, makes it  more fun, exciting and also has customization of options.

Babies can play with this tent outdoors & indoors. Pops up and open is so easy, lightweight and easy to carry.190T balls are soft, constructed with polyester fabric, ensure ultimate safe, long lasting, more enjoyable playing experience. This tents Crawl Tunnels toddler would be suitable for a baby ‘s birthday or other special occasion.

Size18 x 17 x 2 inches
Weight 4.79 pounds
Benefits More durable soft ball, lightweight, Wonderful gift for active baby, High safety system, Easy to foldable and keep in a convenient storage, Very funny, exciting game. Easy to collect and store.

3. Baby Toddler Sleeping Aid BEREST Baby Sleep Soother Owl, Baby White Noise and Toddler Sleep Aid Night Light.

Baby Toddler Sleeping Aid BEREST Baby Sleep Soother Owl, Baby White Noise and Toddler Sleep Aid Night Light. for baby. That makes sure baby healthy sleep, auto rotating galaxy light, safe and relaxed sleep, no need walking and rocking.

Clear sound with 10 relaxing songs, keep peace babies mind, Quickly send to sleep in eyes, after 30 minute auto off. Attract baby, perfect baby night light, calming anxious minds,  This toy is used in any place like car, indoor and trips to family and holds their attention. Soft, cute, cozy toys like both parents or babies.

Brand Bubzi Co 
Light Source typeLED
Power SourceBattery 
Item Weight12 Ounces
Benefits Play clear music, sounds, stop automatically after 30 minutes. Comfortable and beautiful night light. Help in sleepy eyes fall asleep faster. Use in any place. Easy to clean & operate, Adjustable strap secure in anywhere. Build babies healthy sleeping habits.

4. Baby Play Gym

Excellent playing mat that improves to help fine motor skill. Amazing baby mat is the right choice that has more space with a piano gym and enhances an infant’s development and makes it more fun.

4 different modes babies play with this mat, Great design for growing kids. Piano keyboard included nice melodies, bright light, music stimulation that improved hearing sense through play. This activity gym mat included 5 bright toys which encourage children to learn to manipulate their fingers.  Make sure babies entertainment and happiness – no crying, no tears, only smiles & laughter.

Brand Tapiona 
Size32.68 x 32.68 x 21.65 inches
Weight 4 pounds
Recommended age1 month – 3 years
Benefits Excellent exercising gym mat. Improve motor skill, Help to as sense developer. Included bright light, nice melodies. More space, save money, babies play for a long time and no cary.  Multi playing position and excellent design.

5. Ergonomic Baby Carrier Ergobaby 360 All-Position Baby Carrier with Lumbar Support and Cool Air Mesh

Adjustable, comfortable & versatile favorite Ergobaby 360 All-Position Baby Carrier with Lumbar Support and Cool Air Mesh. Easily used in 4 different positions. That design with adjustable ergonomic seat for knee to knee support for newborn, design comfortably fit with body type and lifestyle.

Design perfect for newborn, older babies which carry easily 8-40 pound weight. Have adjustable shoulder straps, waist belt shift weight to wearing hips. Adjustable seat with hand free experience, use in anywhere, no place need to close. Also lightweight design protects babies’ heads. Smart product design, used parents everywhere.

Brand Infantino 
Size11 x 4 x 12.5 inches
Weight 1.9 pounds
Benefits More durable, comfortable, high quality material, versatile. Adjustable seat, shoulder straps, smart product design. Fit for any type of body. Carrying no need to hand. Daily used in any place

6. Educational Toys for baby

Great baby educational toys, safe, pretty and valuable. This toy’s main benefits are that you can customize toys, develop life skill, boost motor skill, creativity, imagination power, problem solving and critical thinking etc. 

Toys are compatible size, fit in newborn baby’s hand to grab.  Smart design, more colorfull holds attention with various sounds,  shapes and also helps to learn early education. Bright color rattles can help to hold babies’ focus. Smooth rattles to avoid any injury, scratch and prevent any harm to the baby’s skin. Comes with a strong box that enables you to keep smartly organized.

Product size10.5 x 7.4 x 4 inches
Recommended age0 months and up
Benefits Suitable size toy for ages 0 months and up. Eco-friendly, heat resistant, non-toxic, no damage, no deformation in 100 degree celsius. Easy to grab. Lightweight, cheap price, early education toys. Grow a baby’s curiosity.

7. Rattle & Teether Baby Toys

Exceptional colourful teether toys entirely attract, entertain and assist different ages baby’s development. Maximum rattles toys make a sweet or funny sound and satisfying baby bright candy color.

Suitable for new babies, they easily chew, grab, spin with their small hands. Grow curiosity, improve identification ability. Each rattle shapes tasks to exercise the baby’s capacity in all situations. Physical design and structure compatible for babies from 0 ages, design protects baby boy’s soft skin. Mobile design brings endless fun, press buttons make interesting sounds. Great baby boy gift sets for Birthday, Holidays, halloween, Thanksgiving day etc.

Weight0 – 1 years
Recommended age1.6 pounds
Benefits Education & funny rattle toys.  Eco-friendly, 100% food grade silicone ABS plastic, non-toxic ingredient, smooth round edge, sturdy and BAF free. Fit for a new baby. Rattle can be washed with hot water. Improve babies’ life skills and boost encouragement. Storage boxes prevent dust,  avoid microbial proliferation.

8. Baby Boy Cloth set Hanes Ultimate Baby Flexy-17 Piece Cool Weather Essentials Set

Outstanding, super soft, cute, correct fitting Hanes Ultimate Baby Flexy-17 Piece Cool Weather Essentials Set. That is suitable for 0 – 6 month ages. This is the great newborn baby boys gift idea. 

Everything is made with cotton. This set contains a hooded towel, mittens, booties, shirts,pants, baby beanies, sleepers, grown, washcloths, swaddling blankets,onesies, bibs etc. These items are appreciated by the customer, good quality nice indoor and outdoor product, satisfied customer. Everyday usable outfit, adorable, lovely, high quality valuable pack, you choose this clothing set as a baby boys gift.

Brand Luvable Friends 
Materials Cotton polyester
Number of items17 PCs
Benefits Soft, cute, don’t harm baby skin. 100% cotton made, machine washable, included different items. Gental, comfortable for everyday use. Baby starting perfect gift.  

9.  Busy Ball Popper Toy for Toddlers 

Multi activities toy for baby. 5 colorful balls that they pop up in the air, drop down in ramps, clear tubes and back again.

Bring varieties of musical sound effect, bouncy music with fun sensory experience as  balls cycle. Easy to push button with their little hand practice motor skill. Most toys have volume changing options that especially favor the little one. Are you looking for a 1st birthday gift for babies? This is the perfect gift for babies. They are busy with fun agin & agin. Easily assemble, another learning system for babies.

Brand Playskool 
Size5.63 x 13.11 x 17.99 inches
Weight3.51 pounds
Recommended age9 months – 3 years
Benefits Different playing system support. Easy to button operate with the baby. Practice motor skill. Create a funny sound effect. Easy to open & frustration free. Right toy to keep busy in little one. ball-popping’ toy fun features. Games stop when they come complete with 5 balls. Perfect gift for 9 months and up.

10. Aquaphor Baby Welcome Baby Gift Set

Essential baby essential adorable gift basket. All products are safe, hypoallergenic, free fragrances, parabens, dyes etc.

Items gently work as cleansers, soothing solutions to help baby’s skin feel better. Package contains baby healing ointment, diaper rash cream, shampoo, and water wipes. All products are light, ideal and suitable for sensitive baby skin, Conveniently reusable baby product, great parents gift.

Brand Aquaphor 
Package size7.5 x 4.75 x 8.25 inches;
Weight 2.46 Pounds
Benefits Safe,  fit for any type of baby skin, use non-toxic material. All skincare essential items included. Free of fragrances, parabens, dyes etc.

11. Baby Soft Books

Multi-functional soft book. Attaching strollers, interactive materials that keep babies engaged.

Every included tool supports learning with fun. Amazing pattern design, bright color help to learn most basic things, Teaching no need trouble. Included teether, waterproof bath book, crinkle paper, alphabets, numbers, telling stories etc. perfect design simply  grab with little hand. Develop baby’s sensory ability, intellectual development, hand-eye coordination, visual sensitivity and more. Worty baby shower gift, 1st birthday gift etc.

Size12.2 x 5.5 x 3.3 inches
Weight11.4 ounces
Benefits Multi functional book, learning with fun. Learn without trouble, Improve visual development. 100% Non-Toxic polyester fabric. Washable, waterproof, safe, healthy, educational, funny soft book.

12. Baby Boy Car Toy 

Special baby boy car toy gift. Work as a race car, provides toddlers hand-eye, fun with ramps toys and gain fine motor skill.

This car park playset is unique from other racer toys. Perfect preschool educational toys. Learning colors, numbers etc. Made with solid wood, non-toxic, water based paint. Baby boys enjoy these car games, they park cars that help to improve sense of storage. Beautiful protection system that prevents car losing.

Product size8.86 x 3.81 x 10 inches
Weight 1.72 pounds
Toy CategoryCar Track Playsets
Benefits Learn color identification, mathematical cognition. Great educational value, smart & innovative design, Improve Imagination and encourages. Easy to set up, fun to play. Sturdy wheels, Easy to store and durable wooden board.


Safe, secure, suitable and skill development baby boy gift sets mentioned above. All items are perfect for baby no harm, prevent fracture, every product ensures security, comfort etc. Choose these recommended gifts and satisfied babies & parents.

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